Which website is best for buying refurbished iPhone online?

by Alex Hales
Wise Market Australia


Buying a refurbished iPhone is not as straightforward as it seems. It is because now there are dozens of websites offering a refurbished iPhone. It can get problematic to choose the right one. This article will guide you to select the best website selling refurbished iPhones. So, let’s begin.

Refurbished iPhone meaning:

Let us begin by understanding the meaning of a refurbished iPhone. Most consumers are still in the dark about refurbishment and think it means cleaning and buffing an iPhone.

While cleaning constitutes an essential part of the refurbishment, the process goes far beyond. A refurbished iPhone is tested and checked for any possible error and entails a repair and maintenance job. It also gets a new warranty and is offered for re-sale at a discounted price.

Which iPhones are refurbished?

A refurbished iPhone is primarily a second-hand device that the owner has returned to the seller or the original maker due to a manufacturing defect. Usually, such deficiencies are rare, but it does happen. Such phones are refurbished before their eventual re-sale.

A refurbished iPhone, however, does not have to be faulty to be returned. Sometimes, the buyer returns the phone because he does not like the experience of using it. Such phones are returned under the selling terms, and conditions (return policy) and these iPhones also get refurbished before re-sale.

Apple also refurbishes display phones, disused, unsold, or very old iPhones, to make them more delectable for the buyers.

How does Apple refurbish iPhones?

Apple is one of those OEMs that take refurbishment very seriously. It has a pervasive refurbishment process, which is why Apple refurbished iPhones are always in high demand. You can gauge the extent of Apple’s refurbishment from the fact that it replaces a battery, frame, panels, and screens of all the iPhones during refurbishment, irrespective of their original condition.

It also does a fine job at repairing and restoring faulty parts. If any part needs replacement, it does the needful. Being the original manufacturer, it has easy access to all the components required for the job. In short, the phone gets a complete overhaul and is assigned a new warranty with an ‘Apple Certified Refurbished’ tag.

Quality comes at a price as Apple refurbished iPhones are usually costlier than other companies’ refurbished iPhones. They are also more expensive than a mere ‘used’ iPhone, but at the end of the day, you need quality, performance, and reliability, and Apple provides them.

Which website is best for buying a refurbished iPhone online?

It is hard to single out one website for this purpose, but Apple’s official website will spring to mind if one chooses. It is because you can be sure that Apple would not have compromised on the refurbishment standards, and its warranty also carries weight.

In the aftermarket, there is a glut of websites offering refurbished iPhones, but how can one judge their service and viability without buying from them? It can be a daunting challenge but worry not; we have everything worked out for you. Do not be tempted by price only. Be careful; price can be a smokescreen to sell a sub-standard product.

Look for the following in a seller while buying a refurbished iPhone.

Provision of warranty:

Never compromise on warranty when buying a refurbished iPhone. A warranty guarantees that your product is free from defects, and the seller promises to compensate you if it develops a fault during a specific period. Only a seller confident of its product’s quality would offer you that. If a seller hesitates to provide you with a warranty, leave it and move on to find another.

Money-back guarantee:

It is another indication that the seller is pretty confident about the product and is therefore offering you a return policy. The return policy should be clear and concise. It must not be vague or open-ended. For example, if a seller offers a 14-day money-back guarantee without any conditions, you must consider it. It is an unambiguous return policy that favors the buyer.

The refurbishment process:

The extent and level of refurbishment vary from one company to the other. We have highlighted Apple’s refurbishment process, which is very detailed. Ask for details about the refurbishment process from the seller. What does it entail? How does it carry it? What does it replace, and what does it repair? The involvement of technology involved in it and everything else that may find helpful. The seller should not take you for the ride, and you must appear as an informed customer before him.


A good company offers its refurbished products after categorizing them in “A”, “B”, or “C” grades. The grade titles may change, but they give an accurate picture of the phone’s condition and sometimes a short description like “few scratches on screen, perfect battery and excellent working condition”. It gives a fair idea to the buyer of what to expect, and he shops for the phone he finds most suitable.

Buying the refurbished iPhone:

We have provided a few pointers you must check when buying a refurbished iPhone from the aftermarket. Wise Market Australia is a website that fulfills all the above criteria and is an excellent choice for buying refurbished iPhones and other smartphones. For example, it gives a 13-month warranty and a 21-day money-back guarantee on all its phones, including iPhones. Whenever you are in the mood to buy refurbished iPhones, do give it a try.


That is regarding refurbished iPhones and the best online marketplace to buy them. We have provided you with a guideline to follow to find the best seller for this purpose. We know it will serve the purpose.

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