Vinyl Fence vs. Wood Fence: Which One Should You Install?

by Alex Hales
Costa Home Renovations LLC

Renovation or building a home is one hectic task. It includes a lot of choices, and these choices can sometimes be very hard. The best way is to weigh the pros and cons of everything you are confused between. 

One thing you can do while building a house or renovating it you can hire someone professional who makes these choices for you. For example, hiring a company like Costa Home Renovations LLC is going to save your nails from anxious biting.

One such choice is deciding on the fence you want to put in. The fence makes the outer part of your beautiful and welcoming. If it’s not up to the mark, you will probably end up with a sad-looking exterior. One of the most complex decisions is to choose between the type of material you want for your fence. You can choose vinyl or wood fences, but what’s the best choice is still a question. 

Following are some pros and cons of choosing vinyl or wood fences so that you can make better choices. 

Pricing and Maintainance

One of the main things people consider while making tough choices is the product’s price. If the product has all the pros but is over budget, it might need more cons than other products to make the final choice. 

Regarding pricing, a vinyl fence is more city than a wooden fence. It is being manufactured to keep the needs of a fence. And wood flooring is cheap because it is a natural material. 

But when it comes to maintenance, the vinyl fence is easy to maintain. It is easy to clean, wash, and install. A vinyl fence is easy to maintain because, unlike iron or its alloys, it does not rust; unlike wood, it does not attract bacteria or fungi. 

On the other hand, The wooden fence is hard to maintain. It requires time to time polish, cleaning and keeping it dry is another task. If not properly cleansed, it can cause the growth of bacterial organisms. Extreme weather conditions can easily break a wooden fence. 


When making changes around your house, you wish to make it as beautiful as it can be. Looks matter a lot when you talk about your house and things around it. If you wish to make your house look beautiful by adding a fence, then a wooden fence should be your choice. The beauty of a wooden fence is unmatchable. Whether you choose to go contemporary or classic, it will always give you a pretty and welcoming look. 

Another thing about a wooden fence is that you can paint it. Painting a wooden fence is easy, and you can paint it again and again to match the exterior of your house. It is not the case with vinyl fences. Vinyl fences might be easy to maintain, but they are not as good-looking as wood fences. They are hard to decorate as well. One can get quickly bored with the looks of a vinyl fence after some time. 

Environmental Benefits

With the passage of time, people are moving toward environmentally sustainable choices. There are some disadvantages to it. For example, if you choose a vinyl fence for its durability, reusable properties, and low cost, then it seems to be a disadvantage, but due to the fact that vinyl fences are made artificially, it is not suitable for the environment. The durability of vinyl means less wastage and less maintenance, but it is not recyclable. There are some vinyl fences available in the market that are recyclable to some extent. 

On the other hand, wooden fences are wholly natural and easy to recycle. They are made up of natural materials; hence, they cause little to no harm to the environment and are comparatively a sustainable choice. But the drawback of wooden fences in terms of sustainability is that it takes a lot of resources to maintain them and keep them safe from fungal and bacterial growth. The maintenance and reinstallation of wooden fences are what makes it a little bit unsustainable choice for the environment. 

Effect of Fencing on the Property Value

The property of your house is almost subjective. Some people prefer modern and contemporary styles, and some buyers are interested in classic and vintage looks. If you are going with the vinyl; fence, then people who look for long-term benefits and monetary value will appreciate it. Also, the installation and buying cost of a vinyl fence is a lot higher than a wooden fence, so it will automatically add up to your property value. 

Contrarily, a wooden fence is a type that attracts people with classic taste. People who appreciate the look and vibe offered by the wooden fence will not hesitate to put a little bit more effort into getting it. 

Fence Installation

Installing fences is quite similar irrespective of the material you are using for your fence. 

In terms of convenience, vinyl fencing is a little easier than wooden fencing. It comes in DIY kits and can easily be put up by a non-professional. You can easily use screws to put up these fences. 

The cost of installation is the same for both fences, excluding the cost of the product. The cost of vinyl fences is slightly higher than the wooden fence. 


Whatever you choose for your house must match the overall vibe of the house. The reason is that fences enhance the outer look of your house, and if it looks different than the resort of your house, it will not give a good impression. At the end of the day, it is your house and your choices. Whether you choose to go for a vinyl fence or wooden fence, the only thing you need to remember is that you choose quality over quantity, and you will thank yourself for years. 

If you still have doubts regarding your fence choices, you can consult professionals like Costa Home Renovations LLC. Costa Home and similar experienced and professional brands will help you choose the best. 

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