Practical Facebook Engagement Post Ideas For Your Business

Find out the best time to update your website.

by Alex Hales

It’s Facebook Marketing 101 – know the peak times of your customers.

Sometimes, your posts are popular, but it’s not the appropriate moment or day to publish them. With Facebook Insights, you can quickly check your social media’s performance metrics to find out when your followers are most active, so you can schedule your posts according to that and see promising results.

However, suppose you’re unfamiliar with the entire Facebook game. In that case, you could test different times and days suggested by other blogs on social media or experts in marketing and then try them yourself. This way, you’ll find the most effective time for your business click here.

It is possible to do this by posting on various dates and times first, then determining which ones get the most interactions or reach. It is possible to mix and mix the dates with times and find out which works best. There isn’t a universal “best time to post” on Facebook; keep trying and record the best results for you!

Bank on content created by users

User-generated content, also known as UGC, is content that was created by a person who isn’t an authorized representative of the company. It can be uploaded by your clients or fans who wish to share their experiences with your product or brand via a review, image, or video.

Please take advantage of these blog posts since they’re directly from your clients. This is free and authentic content written by people who have used the product and enjoyed it so much that they wanted to send it to their friends.

How better to engage your audience than show your customers how they are treated? Additionally, sharing customers’ authentic experiences and the content will help make your credibility more evident for your service or product.

Brand ambassadors are highlighted.

In addition to featuring your audience’s posts, including their stories or comments is a method to engage them and increase engagement.

Check out how much engagement goes in this ‘Suki of the Week’ article for Palawan Pawnshop, a leading brand for money remittance and pawning in the Philippines. Each week they showcase their “Top Fans” by allowing them to share their thoughts about how their services have assisted them or improved their lives in some way or another.

These kinds of posts increase engagement by demonstrating the company’s genuineness in understanding the experience of their followers and offering them the respect they deserve for their continued help.

Always, always, engage back.

If you’re looking for engagement, you must respond.

Engaging your audience could mean responding to their posts and posts or responding to their comments and engaging in a conversation with them. Simple engagements can let your audience know you are listening to their opinions.

Inform your friends about industry news and pertinent Bogs

One Facebook post that’s excellent for engagement would be business news or blogs.

I’m not suggesting that it’s a fantastic method to increase your social media and content marketing efforts (*wink); however, blog posts can also be good opportunities to engage with your followers. You can also share the blog posts you believe will be helpful to your followers or use ones from another publication or other source.

If an editorial provokes thought or a ‘how-to,’ remember that it needs to be written for the audience’s knowledge and gain. Additionally, you should include a few questions in your captions to help get their heads and encourage people to share their thoughts.

Stay on top of any recent stories and news.

An effective way to increase Facebook involvement is to change and write posts on trending or popular topics on the web. Not only will this improve your chances of being featured in the Newsfeed and gaining more followers, but they are also more likely to like your posts and share them read more.

One local company that does well at this is Angkas, a well-known transportation and courier service located in the Philippines. They’re quick to stay on top of the news and put their unique spins on the information.

Could you keep it in the spirit with your posts?

Make the most of the various holidays, celebrations, and seasons every month and incorporate the events into your online social media strategies.

This is vital for any product or promotions that are seasonal. For instance, you might have a summer collection that is ideal for making the most of hot or sunny days. You might also have vegan, vegetarian, or meat-free products that are great to promote during Lent.

An excellent illustration is this rodenticide sharing informational content about the dangers of leptospirosis that is not treated during the flood or rainy season across the Philippines.


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