Types of Most Common Screen Damage Fixed at Phone Repair Stores

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Phone Repair Stores

Since electronics are not perfect, we’ve all encountered phone screen issues that we could not resolve. Luckily, you have phone repair stores to assist you if your screen is broken, the touch isn’t working, or you’re having trouble fixing the zoom. In this blog, we have shared a list of the most common phone screen problems we all face and their solutions suggested by experts at phone repair stores. Always back up your files before attempting to figure out why your smartphone’s screen is malfunctioning. 

Common Screen Damages Repaired at Phone Repair Stores

A Flickering Screen: There are several reasons why the phone’s screen can flicker, depending on the model. Problems with your screen flickering may be brought on by a software update, an app, or even physical damage to your phone.

Vertical Lines: Damage to the smartphone itself is the most frequent reason for vertical lines on your screen. It typically means that your phone’s LCD is broken or the ribbon wires are bent. Most of the time, this happens when your phone suffers a server fall.

Zoomed In Screen – It may be challenging to disable the “Zoom Out” option if activated on your lock screen. You can get around this by double-tapping your screen with three fingers.

Frozen Screen – Although a frozen cell phone is annoying, there is generally an easy cure. Your phone’s screen can freeze more frequently if it’s an older model or has reached its storage capacity. Try restarting your device to see if it solves the issue. If this doesn’t work and your smartphone is an older model with a removable battery, try removing the battery and reinstalling it before restarting it.

You can carry out a “reset” on more recent phones. Depending on the phone model, different buttons will need to be pressed. Press and hold the volume button and release, then continue to hold down the power button. You can release the power button once the Apple logo appears on your screen. Hold the volume down and power buttons on a Galaxy phone for 7 to 10 seconds. You can release those presses when the Samsung logo appears on its screen.

Dark Screen – A completely black screen typically indicates a hardware problem with your cellphone. Your phone may freeze and go dark due to a software crash. Therefore it is recommended to take it to phone repair stores rather than trying a factory reset at home.

You could lose your data if you risk doing that.   If you take your phone to a phone repair store, the experts there will figure out if the problem is with the board, the phone’s screen, or some other parts. Sometimes a basic “reset” will fix a screen issue instead of a hard reset that involves the risk of erasing all of your data on the phone. To try that easy repair, just stick to the guidelines mentioned above.

Touch Screen Glitches – Your Smartphone’s touch screen works by detecting where on your screen you are touching and then determining what actions you want to take. Take your phone to a phone repair store if it’s acting up so experts can tell you what’s exactly wrong with it.

A crack in the screen’s touch digitizer is an issue that occurs the most. For, a screen replacement is suggested by professionals. Something you should never try yourself.

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