When You Should Get Car Oil Change Services ?

by Alex Hales
car oil change services

Your car’s lubrication system is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It allows you to operate smoothly, which means that it needs to work well and last as long as possible. However, if something goes wrong with your lubrication system. E.g a leaky oil seal or failed gasket-you may experience some of these issues. This is when you should get Car Oil Change Services.

Sluggish performance

If your car is sluggish, there’s a good chance that the you should get Car Oil Change Services . The lubrication system is responsible for moving parts of your engine smoothly and efficiently, including:

  • Oil keeps everything moving in an efficient manner.
  • The oil level determines how much oil is in each cylinder, so it can help determine whether or not there are any problems with the lubrication system.

If your car’s oil level looks low (or if you have any other symptoms), then it may be time to have an expert look at your vehicle’s engine. This will help ensure that all systems are functioning properly so they don’t cause unnecessary wear on parts like bearings or valves.

Increased fuel consumption

If you notice that your car is consuming more fuel than usual, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the lubrication system. If so, it’s important to get Best Car Lube Services Portsmouth VA as soon as possible.

Checking for increased fuel consumption can be done in several ways:

  • Check the gas gauge and make sure it’s working properly. If there’s no change in its reading over time, then this indicates low fuel levels; check for leaks around hoses or connections on top of the car’s tank(s).
  • Look at how much oil has been added into each individual cylinder; if none was added and all cylinders have been filled up completely from an external container, then this could mean some kind of problem with one or more cylinders’ lubricant supply lines or seals—and therefore need immediate attention if they’re going bad quickly (which happens quite often).

Loud or clunky engine noises

If your car’s engine noises are loud, clunky or rough, you may have a problem with the engine. The most common problems can be caused by bad bearings or loose belts.

If your engine is making loud noises when it shouldn’t be, check the following:

  • Check the transmission fluid level and make sure there are no leaks. If you see any signs of leakage (such as bubbles), add more transmission fluid until they disappear. This will help keep things lubricated so they run smoothly and last longer than they would otherwise.* Pull back on one of the rear wheels and look under it at how much movement occurs before it stops moving. This could indicate that something has become loose in back where those two driveshafts connect.* Check for any cracks around any seals between components like hoses or tubes; these cracks could cause small leaks which would lead to louder noises from farther away from where these seals were damaged.* Inspect all bolts holding those drive shafts together because sometimes over time these bolts loosen due to corrosion or wear-and-tear corrosion damage caused by other parts. Rubbing against them constantly over time without proper lubrication being applied.

Engine misfires

Engine misfires are when the engine doesn’t ignite the fuel properly, causing it to sputter instead of burn. A misfire could be caused by any number of things—from a clogged filter to dirty intake valves and even a faulty fuel injector. If you have an engine that has been diagnosed as having a “misfire,” it’s important that you take steps to ensure that your car receives proper maintenance and service if any problems arise again in the future.

A common symptom for engine misfires is the Check Engine Light illuminating on your dashboard; this means that there’s something wrong with your car’s lubrication system (and thus its ability for normal operation). If this happens frequently enough over time, then something else may need fixing before these issues become more serious–something like needing replacement parts or even repairs at an auto shop!

Smoke from exhaust

  • Smoke from the exhaust is a sign that there’s oil burning somewhere in your engine. This can be caused by a faulty valve stem seal or a leaky head gasket, which will require attention from a mechanic. In BMW models, an issue with the BMW oil pan could also result in oil leaks leading to smoke from the exhaust, so it’s important to have this inspected by a professional.
  • If you see smoke coming out of your exhaust, get your car checked out by an experienced mechanic immediately.

Check engine light illuminated

The check engine light illuminates when there is a problem with the car’s engine. It can be illuminated for many reasons, but it should be checked by a mechanic.

The most common reason for an illuminated check engine light is due to an oil leak or other lubrication system malfunction. In some cases, this could indicate that your car needs service and repairs before it can be driven again.

Your car’s lubrication system is important to its overall health.

If you own a car, you know that it’s one of the most important parts to your car. Because it allows your engine to run smoothly and prevents expensive parts from wearing down too quickly, your lubrication system is one of the most important features in protecting your investment.

If you have any doubts about whether or not your car’s lubrication system needs service, don’t wait any longer! The Best Car Lube Services Portsmouth VA will help ensure that any problems are caught before they become serious issues down the road.


The best way to keep your car in good working order is to know what can cause problems with its lubrication system, and address them quickly through Car Oil Change Services . It’s not always easy to tell if something is wrong with your car, but if you detect any of these signs, it’s time for a checkup.


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