How to Find Romanian Series Online

by Alex Hales
Romanian Series

If you’re looking for the latest TV series from Romania, then read on to discover how to find a great selection of these shows. From ‘Shadows’ to ‘Comrade Detective’, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. But before you begin watching, here’s a brief guide to getting started. Once you’ve found a great source, be sure to check out the Romanian language site’s subdomains.


If you want to watch Seriale Romanesti, you’ll want to check out the eight-part drama, ‘Shadows’. The series features an underwear-clad cab driver who accidentally kills a debt collector while trying to escape the world of debt collection. The series is made entirely in Romania and features local actors, which makes it an excellent showcase for the country’s production companies.

‘Shadows’ Romanian television series is available to watch online in the UK and on HBO. The series revolves around the life of a Romanian cab driver named Relu Oncescu. He has a family, but also leads a double life as a low-level mob enforcer. Relu’s boss, The Captain, has asked him to mentor his son, and the two men become rivals.

‘Shadows’ is one of the most popular Romanian drama series on the Internet. The drama has complex characters and many supporting extras, and episodes typically last fifty minutes. While you’re watching ‘Shadows’ Romanian series online, you’ll find that you’re not only immersed in the storyline, but also learning the Romanian language. Serialelatimp, an online broadcasting platform in Romania, provides full seasons of popular Romanian television for free.

‘Comrade Detective’

If you want a unique view of an ancient time, watch the ‘Comrade Detective’ series online. Based on propaganda films from Romania from the 80s, this series is both a thought experiment and a commentary on the stereotypes of contemporary American media. The first episode was a reimagining of the infamous Communist Party’s propaganda film, “The Man From the Iron Mask.”

It’s a wacky title for a show that has already been hailed as the ‘craziest TV show of 2017’ by GQ. The show stars two Romanian actors playing cops in a fictional ’80s TV show, with A-list celebrities dubbed over the series. With only six episodes so far, this series will take a while to develop a following.

“Comrade Detective” is an absorbing viewing experience. Unlike many television comedies, it challenges viewers to read between the lines. It stabs at clichés by deconstructing film conventions, with overheated dialogue and hackneyed cop dialogue. Despite its cliches, “Comrade Detective” is surprisingly thoughtful and ends up speaking for itself. If you’re looking for a unique, provocative crime drama, “Comrade Detective” may be for you.

‘The Silent Valley’

If you are interested in discovering new television shows, you might want to check out Romanian series. These popular dramas are often produced in Romania and are based on international series. You can find Romanian series online in various genres, from crime to comedy. Moreover, these series are often subtitled into English so you can watch them in English. Moreover, if you are a fan of Romanian culture, you can also watch Romanian dramas online!

Seriale Romanesti are available on many different online streaming services, including Serialelatimp, AntenaPlay, DailyMotion, Netflix, and many others. But you may be wondering how to find Romanian series online. If so, continue reading! Here are some great places to start looking! Just be sure to use a search engine. Remember to search for Seriale Romanian in the English language. If you find some shows, you can try them out for free and enjoy them for free.


RObotzi is an animated web series from Romania, which started on January 20, 2011. The story revolves around the lives of two “robots” named MO and FOCA. These robots, who are originally made of aluminum, are guarding the warehouse of the National Robotics Institute. Their names mean “The Great Ninja Master”.

The series is directed at a slightly older audience, so the episodes tend to be short, relying on fast-paced wordplay and dialogue to keep audiences interested. The Romanian series has four different shorts focusing on the characters’ lives. However, younger audiences should also find them entertaining. This cartoon was produced by the same company that made ‘Flintstones’ and ‘The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy.

“The Secret of Maria’ is another fascinating Romanian series. The story revolves around identical twin sisters who live completely different lives. Lorena, who is married to an old-money family, has a stern mother-in-law who is unapproving. Her sister, Maria, is an exotic dancer and would do anything to be with her husband. “The Secret of Maria” has over a hundred episodes.

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