7 Best Facebook Ads Agencies in USA for Your Ecommerce Store

by Alex Hales
Facebook Ads services

Facebook Ad Manager is an ad management platform that is used for targeting a larger community of audiences. Targeting the exact audience brings direct sales. Ad Managers have now been expanded. The purpose of Ad Managers is to activate and support multiple ads which are then displayed on various platforms, they bring traffic from those platforms making the e-commerce business known to the community. While generating Facebook ads, one needs to take care of the fact that terms and regulations are not violated. 

What is the purpose of eCommerce Facebook ads?

The role of ecommerce Facebook ads is to target the audience, they are set in a way in which at first specific area community is targeted using relevant keywords, and better results with the audience are received. 

There are a lot of agencies in USA working in these areas. But only there are a few which might work to target the areas that bring growth to business whereas others just make a profit from your money. The Facebook ad services are easy to be handled by oneself, but hiring experts make the work faster. Here is a list of seven Facebook advertisement agencies in USA which work for eCommerce store and brings amazing results.  

Digital Spades

Digital Spades is a digital marketing company serving in all technology areas such as SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and PPC, etc. They generate ecommerce Facebook ads by using SEO keywords and specific goals are set. Yes, you heard it right. Digital Spades serves as a helping hand to all the newcomers and anyone who might need their services. They provide hands-on experience as well. Working with Spades becomes easier to push the business due to their experienced staff, they understand the techniques and methods of promoting that others might confusion with. Their stellar performances have made Digital Spades to be called one in every of the Facebook ad services


When searching for digital technology agencies, Marwick marketing is always preferred due to its best services and results. With a cheerful success of eighteen hundred thousand clients, Marwick has proved itself as the best digital marketing agency that works 24/7. They offer their services worldwide. 


E-commerce is the easiest business that one can do. Unfortunately, due to a lack of understanding or not being guided properly, people make huge blunders. Adventure PPC team makes sure that people are guided properly, and they refrain their clients to work on businesses without any guidance. They clearly know what the clients demand and work closely on the issues. 

Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing is a social media management company that has been offering services like other digital marketing agencies. They are mostly recommended because of their expertise in handling digital marketing services booked by clients. Life is known for its reliable and trusted work. It is one of the trusted agencies which gives what is expected from them.


Jumpfly.com is an award-winning agency that has been providing the best services at affordable prices. They charge the client for exactly what they ask for and nothing extra. Jump Fly brings speedy growth in e-commerce or any kind of business for what clients ask them. Their 24/7 customer service enables the clients to first have a conversation with them before placing orders so that they have satisfied clients with positive results. 

Sprague Media

Sprague Media is an agency that works for small businesses. They bring small businesses to the market and give them competitors to compete with. They serve clients with positive results, and they have many successful profiles which show their success.


Atmosol.com is an e-commerce marketing agency that provides positive results. They scale and bring sales to e-commerce by targeting the audience. Before placing any orders with them, clients can have a free trial which enables the clients and the agency to know each other well. Apart from 24/7 customer service they have their contact numbers also provided at their website.

Why Digital Spades?

As mentioned above, all the agencies work and offer the best results to their clients. Ecommerce Facebook ads are a strategy that is tricky and easy at the same time if handled properly. Digital Spades works for the business, and they apply the strategy which is required to give them and their client a profit. Digital Spades meets the standards of Facebook Ads services. If one has no idea about the e-commerce society, they can rely on Digital Spades as they are among the best agencies in USA. The best fact to be considered is they offer hands-on experience to their customers which is a treat for them. Once invested with them, benefits clients forever. 

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