How Does a Drain Pipe Lining Work?

by Alex Hales
Drain Pipe Lining

Drain pipe lining works as a simple solution of fixing bathroom  flooding or water leakage in the kitchen. It is an economical and time efficient solution for fixing leaking, damaged, and cracked sewer pipes. The process minimises digging unlike the installation of conventional sewer pipes, saving the trees, pathways, roads, and houses. Epoxy-saturated pipe tubing is lined inside the pipe and then cured with hot air, steam, or blue-light LED technology. By this process, the old, damaged pipes are replaced and lined, creating new drain pipes which can last for several decades. 

Process Of Drain Pipe Lining

The first task when starting to line drains is the inspection of pipes. This is done by inserting sewer cameras inside and inspecting how much damage is done. The next step is to clean the inside of the pipe to remove any debris or dirt. The most common way of cleaning pipes is water jetting, however, there are other methods used too. The start and end point of the pipes are found out and the overall measurements of the pipe are taken.

Afterwards, the tube which is to be inserted inside the pipe is prepared. The commonly used materials for the tube are fibreglass or polyester. It is saturated with epoxy-resin and inverted so that the epoxy-resin can stick to the insides of the pipe. It is moved all over inside the pipe until it is ready for curing. Curing is a process which hardens the epoxy-resin so that it becomes strong. Various technologies are used during this stage such as Blue Light LED, hot air, or steam. The fastest amongst these is Bluelight LED which takes upto five hours to withdraw all the moisture from the resin.  

Materials Used

There are two main components needed for the process; the tube lining and the hardening materials. The main characteristic which must be looked for while choosing the materials is how strong and durable they are. It also depends on what kind of pipes need repairing and the damage done to them. There are various designs and variations available in the market which are used for repairs. Following are some of the familiarly used materials.

  • Heat hardened materials

The most frequently used heat hardened material is resin. It is a very thick liquid which is passed inside the pipe and gives it a lining. It is then cured to eliminate all the moisture from the resin so that it dries and becomes hard and strong. 

  • Pipe liner

The pipe liner which is saturated with the heat-hardened material also needs to be strong and sturdy. Fibreglass and polyester prove to be the best materials for the process. They are cheap, but provide enough stiffness and durability to fulfil the function. 

Cost For Repair

The cost of repairing pipe lines is dependent on various factors. The major thing which will determine the cost is how much of the original pipe is damaged. After the inspection of the pipe is done, only then can the technicians give a fair value of the cost. The cost will also depend on the materials of the process used and any additional materials which have been utilised. The technician, contractor, and the labourer will also charge their fee for the job. How far the venue is from the company that you hire to do your repair will also be an important determinant in the overall cost. 

Benefits Of Drain Lining

The conventional method of fixing pipes requires digging the ground, cutting any trees which are in close proximity, and may even demand houses to be evacuated if the damage is severe. Drain pipe lining avoids all of this, saving the environment and effort. It is a simpler method which uses new technology to fix the pipes, and is much more cost and time efficient than the traditional way of pipe repair. Moreover, epoxy-pipe lining has the expectancy to last 50-100 years. If there will be any damage or leakage issues then the drain pipe lining can be prepared with the help of professionals. 

How To Start?

Contact your nearest reputable drain pipe repairing company who can provide you with the right information and guidance. Make sure that the people who perform the task are skilled. Keep the overall cost in mind when you make your repairs. The team will guide you and help you out with the repairs services. If there will be a need to replace any drain pipe lining then you can hire the services. 

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