How to get more twitch viewers (4 Easy Steps)

by Alex Hales
get viewers on twitch

Content creators should prioritize building their Twitch presence in the new year. I won’t cover the generic advice you can find everywhere online; instead, I’ll share tactics that can help. I wouldn’t recommend streaming saturated games, no no no. Obviously, you should promote your business on other sites. Do something different; that’s our favorite. 

Here, we will focus on actionable tasks and strategies that will galvanize your Twitch channel, making your streams more visible and gaining more viewers.

  • Become an active user of the platform and the viewer

Do not worry about your camera: live streaming on Twitch is not the only way to grow a following. Aside from online engagement, you must be active in the Twitch community. Is that what you mean? You can emulate niche channels by watching other streamers and learning their language. Take a break from the keyboard and attend meetups, competitions, and conferences where your community meets in person. You can then interact with them just like you would on Twitch. 

In order to “network,” you can make friends, which is the most effective and simplest method. You should be a human being. Consider yourself a friend. Listen to these individuals – really listen to them. Streaming their lives and talking about their lives are two things you should ask them. Answer the questions carefully. Learn how they work, how they feel, and how they work together. Your channel may be automatically hosted on a larger account if you build a bond with them. When you network and make your voice heard across platforms, you can often grow just as quickly as online.

  • Get Real Twitch Viewers from Trusted service Providers

In Market there are a lot of service providers that are offering real twitch viewers so that you can boost your profile visibility and can share your content to large audience. Many streamers used this type of service to grow their profile in early stages. You can get 100% real twitch viewers from service providers. I remember that BoostHill is one of the best platform that offers twitch viewers service so that you can boost your twitch profile and many people can come to your stream. 

  • Engage your audience at all times

There are two benefits to this; first, you are engaging your audience, and second, you acknowledge the fact that you have a live audience clamoring for your attention.

If you don’t respond when someone says hello in your stream, even when you have multiple opportunities to do so, they’ll feel ignored and leave. Response time is between 30 seconds and 1 minute. There is a high probability that viewers will leave quickly because they have low attention spans. It is always a good idea to say hello to someone, even when you do not have anything to say. 

In order to maintain engagement, you have to initiate the conversation. Talk about what you are passionate about and what you are educated in. Keep checking your chat to find out what you’re up to in the game, what you’re thinking, what you’re doing to prepared for tomorrow, what you’re planning to do yesterday, and what you’ve done today. The goal should not be to juggle another ball, but to check in with a bunch of good friends. 


  • Provide a unique, consistent experience to your customers

Would Spielberg or Tarantino’s Twitch accounts look like everyone else’s if they grew up as streamers? Their unique voice sets them apart from other artists. Create your own voice instead of duplicating others‘. You shouldn’t copy others’ content when you can combine it with your favorite channels. Discover new niches and communities you’re passionate about so your content can connect more easily with those viewers. Do you want to play a new game? Get the gameplay that people want for a group that doesn’t get it. 

Social media thrives on consistency, but Twitch is particularly dependent on it. Due to the platform’s steady growth, there hasn’t been a need to update discovery features or spotlight rising stars. This makes the grind to become a popular Twitch channel very difficult and time-consuming. One hour feels like forever on YouTube, but is the bare minimum on Twitch. Get the gameplay that people want for a group that doesn’t get it.

Keep your goals realistic to avoid burning out too quickly. Using different devices and family/friends to add viewers hasn’t been necessary due to the platform’s steady growth. Your ranking and authority will go up, so people don’t have to scroll as far to find you.

In Conclusion

You can follow the all above steps to grow your twitch profile but if you want instant growth and don’t need to wait long then getting twitch viewers from BoostHill would be the best option for you. You can get twitch viewer from a lot of 3rd party service providers that based upon high number of user reviews i recommend that website. To shine your profile more you can follow all above steps. 


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