10 Best Web Development Frameworks in 2022-2023

by Alex Hales
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In the field of app development, marketing time is everything. Consumer preferences change, and technology shifts while competition steps up.

One cannot have shortcuts in the web development process and risk the business. However, developers can consider shortcuts if they use a web development framework.

Most web development companies for instance, Digitrends use an updated web framework to build dynamic web applications rather than writing the code from scratch.

However, choosing the right framework can be confusing for some developers. Selecting the best web development framework takes time and effort. So pick the right framework for an efficient website’s functionality. At the same time, developers must ensure that the selected framework does not confuse the developers.

What is a Web Development Framework?

A web development framework is a well-structured software platform used for developing web applications and websites.

Web Developers use these web development frameworks to build web services, web APIs, and other web resources. Above all, it offers an abundance of pre-written web components, code snippets, and application templates.

Types of Web Development Frameworks

Web frameworks are generally classified into two categories:

  • Backend (Server side)
  • Frontend (client side)

Backend Web Development Frameworks

A backend is the library of tools and modules that helps in building the architecture of a website. It significantly impacts a web app’s performance and can decide your project’s success. Backend frameworks generally help to make tasks convenient and easy for developers.

These frameworks primarily focus on scripting languages for example, Ruby, JavaScript, Node.js, or compiled languages like Java, C++, etc.

The best backend framework helps developers improvise initially at the framework steps by reducing the need to create and configure everything from the beginning.

Frontend Web Development Frameworks

A CSS programming language framework and packages have pre-written, standardized code in folders and files. In other words, front-end framework is a platform/tool to build the front end of a website. They offer developers a base to build on while still enabling flexibility with the concluding design.

Here are some tasks a Front-end Framework perform:

  • Management of AJAX requests.
  • Associating data with the Document Object Model (DOM) elements.
  • Defining a file structure.
  • Styling of components on the website or application.

Benefits of Using Web Development Frameworks

Web development frameworks are very advantageous to use for website development. However, all frameworks share three common benefits which are as follows:

  • Streamlined Development
    Frames significantly reduce coding time. They launch the basic structure and store network programs in a database.
  • Improved Security & Reliability
    Frameworks help ensure components are compliant with web standards, secure, and stable. Developers can also use features and tools as their basic capabilities to rely on special protection for their websites.
  • Eases Debugging and Application Maintenance
    There is always an immediate response to any problems that arise with the foundation. This is because a community of developments associated with each framework.

Best Frameworks for Web development in 2022-2023

When we are talking about web development services, we can’t go without mentioning JavaScript. The majority of web frontend is written with JS, and JS developers are among the most requested specialists in the field.

JS is not a simple language, primarily due to complicated semantics. Therefore, this is where the frameworks come to the rescue. They offer various benefits that are already discussed above. This section address the top 10 best frameworks for 2022-23.

React JS

React is not a web framework however, it serves the same purpose as a web framework. It is a JS library by Facebook that builds front-end web applications. React can create single-page applications and develop mobile apps.

This is an important highlight of the web development framework since most front-end frameworks and libraries do not provide proper support for mobile application development.

Furthermore, React’s virtual DOM supports fast manipulation in the document. Its library can even integrate with other libraries.

Some notable React projects include Facebook, Skype, Shopify, Discord, Instagram, Uber, Netflix, Tesla, Walmart and Airbnb.


Angular is an open-source web application framework based on TypeScript and maintained by the Angular Team at Google. Developers deem it as the  best front-end web framework and continue to be adopted by tech giants, including Microsoft and PayPal.

It features a large ecosystem of tools and solutions contributed by a wide user base. Angular is generally suited for highly customized enterprise-level web applications and is currently the second most popular front-end framework, according to GitHub.

Various renowned companies use angular for instance, PayPal, Upwork, Google, and Nike.

Vue JS

VueJS is one of the most popular frameworks of JavaScript and has gained a lot of popularity in the past few year.

VueJS can create single-page applications and user interfaces for web apps. It is based on the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) architecture.

Vue provides better documentation, and the learning curve is also low. However, despite its strengths, many developers don’t choose Vue for their projects.

Brands including Trustpilot, Nintendo, and Behance use Vue.


jQuery began as a JavaScript library, and is still marketed as such, but meets the criteria of a framework.

It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers.

Major brands including WordPress, Facebook, IBM and Google use jQuery.


One of the most popular frameworks for creating mobile, responsive web content is Bootstrap. It is currently the most popular CSS framework and over 19.6% of all websites us it.

Bootstrap is popular for:

  • its templates
  • speed development
  • more “uniform” looking websites

Popular examples of Bootstrap include Lee, Fox News, Reuters, and NetGuru.

Ruby on Rails

It is an open-source framework written with the Ruby language. Ruby on Rails runs on Linux and above all it is based on (MVC) architecture. ROR is secure and scalable and benefits from large third party libraries to speed up development.

Nearly 17% of the top 10k websites leverage Ruby on Rails. Brands that use Ruby on Rails include Airbnb, Kickstarter, BaseCamp, and CafePress.


Django is an open-source framework that encourages rapid, scalable development and clean design. Consequently, it is popular for visual effects, games, and interactive services. This framework aim is to provide almost everything you need, making it fast to piece together.

This web framework is so popular because it is built on Python, which itself is the programming language in demand for years. This is true for 2022 too. Although using it for small projects is acceptable, developers recommend using Django for big and complex projects.

Examples apps that use Django are Disqus, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube.


Flask is another open-source Python framework with little or no dependencies on external libraries and known for its flexibility.

It is growing in popularity due to its high scalability as a component-based framework.

Brands including Netflix, Lyft, Trivago, Reddit and HotJar leverage Flask framework


A very popular PHP framework for developing web apps, featuring expressive and elegant syntax. It helps make coding faster and leveraging a powerful Blade template engine. Laravel is famous for its high performance, increased security, and scalability.

It includes many libraries for supporting development. Some examples of Laravel projects includes Euromobil kitchens, Invoice Ninja, Alison, and MyRank.


CodeIgniter offers a light PHP framework that has one of the smallest footprints, saving time with less coding needed.

Developers appreciate the speed of CodeIgniter, with many built-in features that don’t rely on many external components. It also uses MVC architecture.

Popular websites like Buffer, Casio Computers, and Nissan use this framework.


Web development framework is changing the web development industry. Now with so many choices, it’s easy to find a tool that fits the functionality of the project. Irrespective if the project planned there will always framework for web development for everyone’s needs.

However if things get hard don’t worry to reach out to a reputable mobile app development company like Digitrends. They are highly reviewed android and iOS app developers and known to be web development mogul in the industry.

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