What You Need to Know About HCV Test

by Alex Hales
HCV Test

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that can severely damage the liver and cause other health issues if not treated on time. The virus of Hepatitis C (HCV) can easily be transmitted to another person if exposed to the blood of someone who has HCV. Usually, people affected with Hepatitis C develop a chronic or life-threatening infection. So, it is best to go for an HCV test after knowing the HCV test cost.

In Hepatitis C, the HCV virus causes inflammation and serious liver damage. If not treated urgently, it can cause fatal health complications like permanent liver damage, liver cancer, and Cirrhosis which c an be life-threatening. Sometimes, you might not experience any symptoms if you are affected by HCV. So, it is best to conduct an HCV test after determining the HCV test cost

What is HCV Test?

An HCV antibody test is a blood test conducted to determine whether a person has the Hepatitis C virus. This test is also known as the anti-HCV test as it searches for antibodies to the HCV in blood. These antibodies are released into the bloodstream when someone begins suffering from infections. Conducting this test also helps evaluate a past or existing infection to make the best use of the treatment. Check out the HCV test cost at different laboratories before choosing the best one. 

How Is The HCV Test Conducted?

A healthcare professional conducts a test for the Hepatitis C virus by following the processes of screening, diagnosis, or treatment. So, if you are thinking about getting tested for HCV, do not think any further and go for it now. Check out the HCV test cost before opting for it. 

1. Screening 

The main goal of a screening test is to examine whether the person has developed Hepatitis C before experiencing any symptoms. It is because the acute form of Hepatitis C does not have any symptoms. So, to determine whether you have been infected with the HCV virus, it is important to conduct a screening test every six months. It is the best way to diagnose HCV before it leads to severe damage to the liver, along with other health complications. Make sure to take a look at the HCV test cost before moving on with a particular test. 

 2. Diagnosis

If someone develops signs and symptoms of the viral Hepatitis C virus, the doctors go through the process of diagnosing. In this, the healthcare professional uses Hepatitis tests to diagnose the main reason causing Hepatitis. Hepatitis C can differentiate HCV from other Hepatitis types, like Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B. 

3. Treatment

Once the healthcare professional has successfully diagnosed the patient, they run tests to find out the type of Hepatitis C. There are numerous types of Hepatitis C that can occur. It is necessary to conduct specific tests to find out the appropriate treatment for the same. These tests are also responsible for measuring the amount of HCV present in the blood. It will help the doctor understand the kind of treatment that will be effective. Consult your doctor about the HCV test cost before going for it. 

What Does The HCV Test Measure?

The tests conducted for HCV help in determining the antibodies to the virus while also searching for viral DNA. They can also be helpful in searching for strains of Hepatitis C. Some of these tests include:

1. Hepatitis C Antibody Test

Also known as the anti-HCV test, this test determines whether the patient has been exposed to the virus at some point during their surviving years. If the results come out as positive, one has to go for a Hepatitis C RNA test.

2. Hepatitis C RNA Test

If the previous test results come out as positive, it becomes necessary to conduct a Hepatitis C RNA test. It tells us about the amount of the HCV virus present in the blood. Quantitative HCV RNA tests determine the amount of HCV RNA present. On the other hand, qualitative HCV RNA helps in detecting the presence of HCV RNA.

3. Genotype Test

Genotypes refer to the six types of Hepatitis C that can occur. The treatment necessary for the virus depends on the genotype. So, this test helps in determining the type of treatment suitable for patients who are diagnosed with this infection. 

The Bottom Line

It is important to check out the HCV test cost before conducting the test in order to choose which option will be right for you. So, if you are looking forward to getting tested for Hepatitis C, it is best to go for it now to avoid any complications in the future.

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