What to Know About Lough Gill?

by Alex Hales

A Lough Gill Whiskey guide is a great way to learn about this peated Irish whiskey. Lough Gill is a traditional Irish whiskey that is known for its smokey influence. There are several different brands available, including Niche Drinks, Sazerac, and the popular Lough Gill. If you’re planning a visit to this distillery, here’s what you should know. The Lough Gill Whiskey guide will help you choose the best bottle and get the most out of the experience.

Lough Gill is a traditional Irish whiskey with a peated, smoky influence

A new distillery in Sligo is set to open – the Lough Gill Distillery. It will make whiskey in a traditional pot still style with a smoky influence. The site, which is about 20 acres, is near the village of Abhainn Bhui, also known as Bull Field. The distillery is the brainchild of David Raethorne, a whiskey investor who has a connection to water. He is the founder of the 80-acre Hazelwood Demesne, which is home to the distillery’s new location. Lough Gill is set to release whiskey under the brand Athru.

Traditionally, Irish whiskey was feared by Scots for being peated, but it’s now being embraced by drinkers. The peat in Irish whiskey comes from a deep, ancient reserve of peat, which has historically been used as fuel for rural communities. Before the rise of coal-fired distillers, the Irish also used peat to dry barley. Peated Irish whiskey was thought to have been abandoned in Ireland after the mid-late nineteenth century, but the Cooley Distillery has revived the tradition in recent years.

It is made by Niche Drinks

Lough Gill Whiskey is an Irish spirit distilled three times at its distillery. This process uses copper pot stills made by Frilli; an Italian company based in Siena. The spirit still used at the distillery is 7,500 litters and produces whiskey with a lighter, crisper flavour. Niche Drinks owns a stake in the distillery and is planning to build a dedicated visitors center for the new whiskey.

The Lough Gill distillery is located behind Hazelwood House, a historic mansion built in 1725. The site has a rich history, having hosted a number of industries and being the home to the O’Connor family. It was the perfect location for distillation and on-site maturation. Niche Drinks plans to sell whiskey from Lough Gill under the brand name Athru.

It is brewed by Lough Gill Brewery

Lough Gil Distillery celebrated its first Harvest Day last week. The distillery, which has been in operation since 2004, aims to produce Athru whiskey as sustainably as possible. In May, they planted barley in an eight-acre field. Lester Hall, a Sligo farmer and father of three, and his sons Philip, Dean and William were on site harvesting the barley.

The acquisition of Lough Gill Distillery gives Sazerac plenty of space to expand. The company owns over 450 brands around the world and has been looking for a new home for the Paddy Irish Whiskey brand. Among its many other brands, Sazerac has approached several Irish distilleries in search of joint ventures and acquisitions. The company plans to transform the Lough Gill Distillery into a world-class whiskey facility. In the end, it will also be the home of Sazerac’s Paddy Irish Whiskeys.

It is made by Sazerac

Lough Gill Whiskey is a triple distilled Irish whiskey produced by the distillery in Sligo, Ireland. The distillery’s new Master Blender is Helen Mulholland, who was previously the Master Blender at Bushmills. The new company plans to create a tourism center in Lough Gill and expand its production capacity to serve a wider global market. The acquisition also creates a single base for Irish whiskeys in Ireland. Learn more about Lough Gill Whiskey

It is a world class single malt distillery

Lough Gill Whiskey is a new Irish distillery which was recently completed after four years of planning. The distillery is overseen by Billy Walker, who has been awarded the title of Global Distiller of the Year 2015 for his efforts. The company has high hopes for the future of this distillery, which will expand its footprint and increase its capacity significantly. It plans to add new production lines and warehousing facilities.

It is a world-class visitor destination

Lough Gill Distillery, located on the banks of Lough Gil in County Sligo, Ireland, is a world-class whiskey destination. The 100-acre site is undergoing development, with plans to welcome up to 150,000 visitors per year. It will become the home of Sazerac Irish whiskies Paddy and Michael Collins and the Athru label. Helen Mulholland will join the distillery’s team concurrently and will be responsible for new product development and the Athru single malt whiskey.

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