Welligent EHR – Behavioral and Substance Abuse Professionals

by Alex Hales
Welligent EHR

Welligent is a cloud-based electronic health record that’s geared toward behavioral health and human services providers. It features intuitive scheduling, secure documentation, and a user-friendly design. It’s also optimized for mobile, so it can be used even without WiFi. It also allows for expanded service delivery with videoconferencing, personalized consultations, and trusted third-party integrations.

Welligent is a cloud-based electronic health record solution

Welligent EHR has several cloud-based EHR features and applications that help health providers and their patients. These include clinical charting, electronic billing, medication history and management, and tracking of patients. Additionally, it has several security features, including encrypted data transfer and password protection. It also provides personalized consultations and trusted third-party integrations. These features help users manage their electronic health records and ensure the safety of their data.

Welligent EHR is a cloud-based software that can be used by medical professionals in any setting. It is flexible and ideal for small and large practices. It supports billing from third-party payers and offers a full audit trail. This also integrates well with practice management software.

It’s Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) compliant

When an EHR is Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information technology (ONC) compliant, it means it satisfies certain criteria. These criteria are based on the ONC’s ‘Health IT Certification Program’. These standards are updated regularly to improve clinical efficiency and reduce regulatory burden. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has a number of priorities, including reducing administrative burden and supporting clinical efficiency. To support these goals, the ONC has updated its Health IT Certification Program, which requires that health IT products meet the new standards.

Welligent is a cloud-based EHR solution that is secure and mobile. This platform enables healthcare professionals to manage caseloads on the go, while still maintaining compliance with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) standards. It also offers customizable features for billing and patient portals. Its user-friendly interface and trusted third-party integrations make Welligent EHR a great option for health care organizations.

It’s used by behavioral health clinicians

Welligent is an electronic health record system that provides a comprehensive set of features for behavioral and mental health clinicians. The platform is web-based and includes features for billing and patient reporting. It also offers features to manage patient records, appointment scheduling, and audit trails. Its powerful features allow clinicians to improve patient care and move their practices paperless.

Welligent is a cloud-based EHR system that offers access to medical records from a desktop, tablet, and smartphone. The application is fully customizable, allowing users to create the most convenient workflow for themselves. It also offers advanced clinical charting, referral management, medication and note management, and assessment management. The system also has robust security features including encrypted data transfer, password protection, and person authentication. Finally, it supports a variety of integrated third-party applications to streamline patient care. Check out other software like CureMD and find out CureMD EMR reviews and features

It’s a project manager

Welligent EHR is an EHR designed for behavioral health, substance use, human services, and student health. It features secure documentation, intuitive scheduling, and mobile-optimized functionality. The solution also features videoconferencing, personalized consultations, and trusted third-party integrations.

It doesn’t offer electronic claims

Welligent EHR is an electronic health record (EHR) software for behavioral health, substance abuse, and human services professionals. It features intuitive scheduling and secure documentation. The software is also mobile-optimized and compatible with devices that don’t have Wi-Fi. It offers videoconferencing, personalized consultations, and trusted third-party integrations.

Its business intelligence features allow users to view, customize, and analyze a variety of reports. They can also conduct compliance tracking and comparison analysis with national databases. The system is also equipped with dashboards, allowing users to view key information at a glance. Another notable feature is the Self Check-In feature, which allows clients to check in themselves. However, this feature does not offer calendar synchronization.

It doesn’t offer electronic prescribing

Welligent EHR is an integrated cloud-based EHR that provides comprehensive functionality and clinical documentation. The software is built on the same platform that 97% of Fortune 500 companies use and adheres to strict security standards. It also integrates with numerous labs to make electronic prescribing easier.

Welligent EHR is also flexible and can be used by small practices as well as large organizations. It includes practice management, billing, and document management features, as well as an audit trail for better control. It also enables users to connect to patients and manage their health records.

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