Vishal Gunni Ips Wikipedia: Age, Wife, Height, And Rank!

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Vishal Gunni Ips

Vishal Gunni Ips is basically an Indian IPS officer. He got born in Telangana (in the Hyderabad region of India) on the 22nd of May, in some part of 1982. That being said, you might be thinking about the exact age of Vishal Gunni Ips. So, we should tell you that Vishal Gunni Ips is currently around 39 years old as of 2021.  

We are well aware of the fact that a significant number of individuals, particularly the general public of India, wish to know the crucial details about the personal life of Vishal Gunni Ips. This is probably because of the fact that he is a renowned IPS officer, which is indeed something to be proud of.  

Vishal Gunni Ips Wikipedia: Who Exactly Is He? 

Vishal Gunni Ips

There have been many questions on the internet about the personal details and family members of Vishal Gunni Ips. Keeping that in mind, we will try our best to address all such questions here. That being said, you should know that we will discuss the age, height, rank, relationship status, and various other crucial details about the life of Vishal Gunni Ips in this article in detail. 

While talking about the personal details of Vishal Gunni Ips, one should be well aware of the fact that Vishal Gunni Ips belongs to a Hindu family. From this fact, it is indeed quite evident that he follows the religion of Hinduism at the current stage of his life.  

As far as the educational qualifications of Vishal Gunni Ips are concerned, you should note that he graduated with the degree of B.A. However, the exact educational details of his college or university or not yet available anywhere on the internet.  

Vishal Gunni Ips Wife Details and Other Personal Information 

At the present moment, there is no solid information available on the internet about Vishal Gunni Ips wife. Nevertheless, we do know about some of the personal details of Vishal Gunni Ips, which we have mentioned below for your consideration: 

  • Real Name: Vishal Gunni  
  • Nickname: Vishal 
  • Place of Birth: Telangana, Hyderabad, India 
  • Date of Birth: 22nd of May, 1982 
  • Age: 39 Years Old (As of 2021) 
  • Nationality: Indian 
  • Hometown: Telangana, Hyderabad, India 
  • Profession: IPS Police Officer 
  • Name of Wife: Not Yet Known 
  • Zodiac Sign: Not Yet Known 
  • Hobbies: Not Yet Known 
  • Religion: Hindu 
  • Rank: IPS Police Officer 
  • Height: Not Yet Known  

Some Quick Facts Concerning the Vishal Gunni Ips Wikipedia 

There is no denying the fact that a lot of people wish to know about the life of Vishal as he is a renowned police officer. Apart from this, he is also active on various social media platforms, such as Instagram.  

While talking about some quick facts on Vishal Gunni Ips, you should know that Vishal Gunni Ips does not like to smoke or drink alcohol, which is indeed a good habit. As far as his social media handles are concerned, you should know that he is available on Instagram with the username ‘vishalgunni9.’  

The Bottom Line  

Vishal Gunni Ips is one of the 4000 IPS officers that India has at the current moment. He is well searched on the internet as he is an IPS officer, which is considered to be an immense achievement, particularly in India.  That being said, we can say that it must have been a matter of immense pride and respect for the family of Vishal Gunni Ips, as he is one of the very few IPS officers that currently live in India. Don’t you agree with us?

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