Top Fashion Trends for 2022

by Alex Hales
fashion world

In the coming months, expect to see bold florals, polka dots, washed-out denim, biker shorts, and delicate/feminine fabrics. Sustainable fashion is also on the rise, with more brands focusing on recycled materials and more consumers thrifting vintage clothes. Sneakers and comfortable shoes are also hot this year. These styles are both comfortable and trendy and are popular among fashionistas. These trends aren’t limited to the fashion world, either.

equestrian fashion

If you’re a fan of equestrian fashion, there’s a new trend sweeping the runways this season: Blow-up vests. With their hip music videos and snazzy line, “Safety is Fashionable,” these vests are sure to catch on. While spectating at horse shows in a blow-up vest might not be glamorous, the style is still on-trend and sure to stay.

Animal print

A leopard-print dress can be elegant and glamorous paired with a cheetah-printed satchel. An outfit incorporating cat-inspired prints is extra chic. You can also pair this print with a mustard-colored pullover and ankle booties. For added impact, add a faux-fur coat or sherpa-trimmed jacket to your wardrobe. A zebra-print hat also accentuates the print, and adds an edgy touch to your ensemble.

Knitted skirts

When you think of cozy clothing, the knit sweater is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that knitted skirts are just as cozy? Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they’re eye-catching as well. And they can be worn with almost any kind of top, from a simple T-shirt to a turtleneck. Here are some great ways to wear a knitted skirt.


There are so many ways to wear pastels this season. Pastels are a timeless and versatile trend that will suit any age and setting. They will blend with light skin tones while making dark skins pop. They are also a great choice for a pop of colour to your outfit. This trend will last until spring 2019, and if you want to keep up with it, check out these pastel fashion tips for the season.

Trucker hats

Despite being an iconic headwear item, trucker hats are now making a comeback in a new light. The hat was once worn by farmers and truckers for practical and protective purposes. But now, thanks to celebrities and fashion moguls, the trucker hat has entered the mainstream fashion scene. These versatile headwear items can be seen everywhere. In fact, some even wear them as part of a full outfit.


Techwear is a popular style of apparel. These high-tech garments are usually made of durable and resistant materials. Techwear clothing is often waterproof and has pockets for storage. Its looks are influenced by cyberpunk and military themes. It is designed with both men and women in mind, and features unique, functional materials. Jackets are a key piece of techwear wearable apparel. There are many different types of techwear jackets to choose from, including soft shell and hard shell styles.

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