TOEFL Exam: What Everyone Should Know About

by Alex Hales

TOEFL, for the Test of English as a Foreign Language, is used to check the English Speaking ability of the person. Educational Testing Service conducts the TOEFL exam five times per month, which means fifty-nine times yearly. Millions of students attend the TOEFL test every year to get admission to the top university around the globe. Many universities accept TOEFL scores to allocate seats for students.

Also, it is used to screen the English fluency for an immigration visa and job seeker. This exam conducts on multiple dates all over the year. Thus, you can select TOEFL exam dates at your convenience during the registration process. The authority offers sixty days to give the student confidence while attending the exam. In the post, you will learn the TOEFL exam fee, dates, and benefits.

TOEFL examination fee 

TOEFL exam cost is not the same that can differ from country to country. The students should have to pay $185 for TOEFL. Besides, the fee is thirteen-thousand five hundred based on the present exchange rate. There are other extra charges for late registration, score review, rescheduling exam, etc. If you need to avoid the additional charge, you should plan appropriately.

TOEFL payment methods and policy 

Now, you can safely pay the TOEFL exam fee online while submitting the application form. ETS accepts various payment methods like Visa, American Express, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and others. In addition, they don’t accept some transaction modes like demand draft, cash, and others. You can select the payment method as per your choice and make payment without trouble.

Besides, the authority provides a payment policy that every candidate should follow while making payments. The applicant needs to pay the complete fee during the service is requested. While paying the fee, they must have an essential signature and the right numerical amount.

TOEFL examination date 

In the official portal of ETS, you should check the TOEFL test dates. To check the latest update from the authority, the interested person needs to create a new account on the ETS site. The target date for attending the TOEFL test needs at least a few days or the week before the deadline for an application form. The test gives you ample time to work on your application. If you want, you may retake the test three days after your first attempt.

One common mistake the candidate commits while choosing the exam date is late selection. The selection of the TOEFL test date aids the candidate in scheduling their exam preparation. The candidate can take the right approach to the examination. It is suitable for the candidate to take the proper guidance from the instructor to choose the exam date. When the deadline for the TOEFL application is November, you need to attend the test by October.

Importance of taking TOEFL 

The students planning to learn higher education abroad should take the TOEFL test. It enables the candidate to be eligible for many scholarships in the international university. Besides, TOEFL aids the candidate looking for a job abroad in the visa application procedure.

Authority conducts the exam using methods such as TOEFL Internet-based Test, TOEFL Home Edition and TOEFL Paper-delivered exam. Therefore, you can select the test mode according to your requirements. This type of test brings a lot of benefits to the applicant. So, many people attend the TOEFL test to study or work abroad.

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