How to Select the Type of Storage Space for Rent

by Alex Hales
Storage Space for Rent

Examine the items you intend to keep. You may already understand what size of storage space for rent you want. If you want to keep your belongings outside, you should not fill your storage space from floor to ceiling.

Many people buy the smallest unit possible to save money, which forces them to empty half of it to access the box in the back. Do not be that guy if you do not know you will never need anything you put in. Do you have any temperature-sensitive items on hand? Instead of an outdoor garage-style unit, you may require a climate-controlled indoor unit.

Are your possessions valuable? You should ensure your storage drive and look for one with good security and monitoring. Check to see if the items in the storage unit are covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. If not, find out how much it would cost to add one, or consider getting insurance from the storage facility. If you choose a large local or national storage facility, they will almost certainly charge a small fee to their customers.

Complete Your Research Storage Space For Rent

Since you mentioned that you want a managed storage unit, then you will focus on how to find storage space for rent instead of sealed home storage boxes that you can not get to when you want to go get Christmas lights. Do not prioritize the storage facility that is closest to your home. Make the following preparations before picking up the phone.

Do Not Get Stuck Where You Are:

Being forced to work with the nearest or cheapest company in your area is the quickest way to store your priceless memories in subpar equipment. Make sure your net is large enough to provide you with a variety of options.

After all, would not you rather keep your belongings in a nicer location that is only a ten-minute drive or walk away? Furthermore, if you live in a densely populated suburban or urban area, stocking up a little outside of town can save you a lot of money.

Go Over The Ratings:

To find storage, use Google place. Reviews should be regarded with caution, but if they are all negative or have a common theme, you should avoid the item. Reviews can also help you understand what to look for when visiting a storage facility.

Investigate Office Hours And Gates:

Many storage facilities only list gate hours to appear to be open later than they are. A distinction should be kept in mind. Typically, you can access your storage unit during business hours, but those hours are rarely very long.

If you require assistance or have a concern, you can only do so during business hours. Check that your access time and gateway are appropriate for you.

Inquire During Your Visit

Now that you are more aware of what you are looking for and a few options, it is time to visit the storage facilities you are considering. Even if the property management tries to persuade you that there are only a limited number of available units, resist the urge to sign on the dotted line right away.

Most businesses will let you keep the unit overnight so you can think about it. Instead, take your time looking around and asking questions to get the most out of your visit.

Inquire With The Property Management About Visiting The Unit You Will Be Receiving:

If you have to, be firm so you can see the unit that stands for the unit you will sign. Some storage places will show you a clean unit on the third floor but rent you a dirty, bug-filled room in the basement.

Inquire About Any Available Special Deals Or Rental Discounts:

It is very simple to switch from an old storage unit to a new one especially if you have already paid for the last month in the old unit or to make moving to a new unit less expensive because most storage companies will give you the first month for free. If they do not, do not worry; they will most likely the next time you go.

Understand The Consequences Of Missing Or Making A Late Payment:

Many establishments do not treat storage units in the same way that they do apartments. Every month, on the first, you must pay your rent. The length of a company’s or state’s grace period varies, and even a few days of late payment can result in your unit’s contents being sold at a wholesale auction to the highest bidder.

Before you get stuck trying to make a wire transfer or online payment because you left town without cashing a check, make sure you understand the rules of your storage space for rent.

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