Why is it Necessary to Learn about their Menstrual Cycle?

ovulation calculator for irregular periods

by Alex Hales
ovulation calculator for irregular periods

Fertility in women does appear when they are ovulating, the average length of the ovulation cycle is 28 days. The ovulation cycle is a sequential chemical change happening in women’s bodies. The ovulation calculator for irregular periods educates women about these chemical changes happening in sequence. At the beginning of the ovulation cycle, the walls of the Uterus rupture, and bleeding starts.

Usually, after 6 to 8 days and the lining of the Uterus becomes thicker, the fertility calendar predicts at the end of the bleeding when the egg is going to appear in the ovum. After 4 to 5 days, the egg disappears and the progesterone level goes down. When women are conceiving it is essential they are copulating during the fertile window.

What is the Process of Conception?

It is essential to know about the conception process, being a woman you do need to learn the conception process. The menstrual cycle calculator may also educate you on when to copulate to get pregnant. When the egg is released in women then a certain PH level is gained. The whole Uterus environment does become acidic in nature and the PH level goes towards the acidic nature. The perfect ovulation calculator can spot this stage, and women do have an urge to copulate. The fertility calendar by calculator-online.net provides you with sufficient information regarding your fertility window.

On the contrary, men have alkaline sperm, during copulation, the alkaline sperm are going to meet with the acidic environment of the woman’s uterus. The ovulation calculator for irregular periods provides a woman with complete information about when it is best to conceive. This is essential as women become anxious if they are conceiving for a certain time period. This can lead to infertility in women if they are not tracking their ovulation cycle.

The chemical Process in the Conception Process:

The chemical process happens during the conception process, the alkaline nature of sperm does travel in the acidic environment of the Uterus. Women copulate during the time when the woman’s body is ready for conception. Women’s bodies are inclined towards acidic during the menstrual cycle, the acidic nature of women’s Uterus. For the conception process to happen successfully there should be a certain level of acidic pH that is necessary for women. On the other hand, the alkaline sperm do also carry a certain level of pH.

When sperm are released into the ovum of the woman, then these sperm do travel fast, and can even live up to 5 days in the ovum of the woman. This increases the chances of pregnancy. The ovulation calculator for irregular periods makes it possible for women to spot the perfect time for their conception process. Women are also able to enjoy their married life if they are not in the mood to get pregnant. Couples sometimes want to enjoy their life, so they can avoid pregnancy by learning about their ovulation cycle.


Learning about your ovulation cycle is essential for women, it is necessary to get the pregnancy with planning. Women who have a problem in their ovulation cycle can also track it by the fertility calendar. The doctors do advise tracking at least a 6 months ovulation cycle,  to become sure what is going to happen during the menstrual cycle. In most women, the ovulation cycle usually lasts for 28 days. The bleeding usually happens for 5 to 8 days, then the walls of the Uterus do becomes thick and progesterone do start to increase. This is the time when the egg is released in the ovum, and if copulation happens during this time then the chances of getting pregnant would be increased largely.

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