Maintaining Water Heaters to Increase Their Life & Energy Efficiency

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Maintaining Water Heaters to Increase Their Life & Energy Efficiency

Water heaters are a crucial component of contemporary living, greatly enhancing comfort. Everyone wants to have a dependable source of hot water, after all. But if you don’t service and maintain your water heater at least once a year, you can find yourself without hot water on demand. For reliable, efficient water heater maintenance, residential water heating repair sequim wa offers skilled professionals.  High-temperature units that have hard water need to be serviced at least twice a year. By doing this, you can prolong the life of your tank, save energy, spend less on water, and find problems and necessary repairs early on. We’ll go over how to maintain both conventional and tankless water heaters in this post.

Check the Pressure Release Valve

If pressure levels get dangerously high, your tank storage heater may safely drain thanks to the pressure relief valve. Just pull the valve’s tab, hold it for a little while, and then release it to test it. When the tab is up, the water should flow freely; when it is down, it should cease. If something isn’t functioning correctly, you’ll know it has to be replaced.

Clear the Water Tank

Flushing your water roughly once every six months is one of the finest things you can do to keep it operating effectively. Rust and water-borne minerals are among the sediments that accumulate within your water heater with regular use. When these particles build-up, your water heater will ultimately become less efficient and have to work harder to meet demand. Hard water minerals are among the particles in your water heater that can erode the inside of the tank and cause it to fail. And last, keep in mind that tankless water heaters are exempt from this.

Examine the Anode Rod

The anode rod, which is made of steel core wire with a metal covering, draws corrosive minerals out of the water to shield the inside lining of your water heater. It stops rust and water tanks from leaking.

After emptying the tank, you may unscrew the hex head to examine the anode’s coating and thickness. Verify that it is at least ½ inch thick and free of calcium deposits. If necessary, replace it and tighten it with a tool until it is snug.

It would be advisable to give this work to a licensed plumber because it might be harmful if you don’t have the right equipment or understand electrical safety.

Cleanse the Air and Water Filters

The air filter maintains the unit free of dust and ensures a constant supply of air, while the water filter acts as a screen to shield your tankless water heater from any entering silt.

Make Use of a Water Filtration System and Softener

Hard water’s high mineral content can lead to corrosion and a speedier sediment accumulation in both tank and tankless water heaters. Calcium, sediment accumulation, and other impurities are eliminated from the water in your house by installing a water softening and filter system. This is an easy method to extend the life of your unit and enhance the quality of the water in your house. To handle this water filtering, water filtration clearwater fl can aptly render its services.

Bottom Line

Maintaining your water heater has several advantages, and if you follow these easy guidelines, it will continue to function at its peak for many years to come. It’s great to have specialists inspect your unit at least once a year, however, some duties are better left to the pros.

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