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Lizzy Mussi

Lizzy Mussi is a well-recognized drag racer, social media personality, racer, and evolving entrepreneur. She was born in the month of January 1991. While belonging to the United States of America (Carteret, New Jersey), Lizzy Mussi has indeed set her name firmly as an enthusiastic car racer in the country.  

That being said, you should know that Lizzy Mussi has been taking immense inspiration from her father since the time when she was a young teenager. The name of her father is Pat Mussi. After transforming herself into an evolving racer, Lizzy Mussi has got the privilege of winning a significant number of racing competitions.  

In recent times, Lizzy Mussi has also featured in one of the list shows of America, with the name ‘Street Outlaws.’ Having said that, feel free to stay with us as we enlighten you with the rest of the crucial details of Lizzy Mussi, such as her personal life, net worth, height, age, weight, etc.  

Learning About the Early Life of Kye Kelley Wife 

As we have already mentioned previously, Lizzy Mussi was born on the 1st of January in 1991. This means that she is about 31 years old at the current stage of her life. As far as the information about her astrological sign is concerned, you should know that Capricorn is the Zodiac sign of Lizzy Mussi.  

Lizzy Mussi was born in the New Jersey region of the United States of America, and she actively practices the religion of Christianity. In addition to having a mixed ethnicity, Lizzy Mussi possesses the American nationality at the current stage of her professional and personal life.  

While talking about the early life and other personal details of Lizzy Mussi, one should also be aware of the fact that Lizzy Mussi grew up with her close friends and family members in North Carolina, which is also the exact same place where she lives at the present moment. Apart from this, any other significant information about the early life of Lizzy Mussi is not yet available on the internet.  

About the Family Members, Parents, and Siblings of Lizzy Mussi 

Before we proceed with further crucial details about the family members of Lizzy Mussi, we should tell you that Elizabeth Musi is the name of the mother of Lizzy Mussi, while Pat Musi is the name of the father of Lizzy Mussi. As far as the profession of the father of Lizzy Mussi is talked about, it is to be noted that he is a famed engine builder. He also owns the Pat Musi Racing Company, which is meant for the racing engines of modern cars.  

Pat Mussi, the father of Lizzy Mussi, also took an active part in a significant number of car races during his early days. Now, let us tell you about the siblings of Lizzy Mussi. Patricia Musi is the name of the younger sister of Lizzy Mussi, with whom she often goes out in order to spend time. Apart from this, any other solid information on the sister of Lizzy Mussi has not been exposed by her yet.  

Facts About the Educational Background and Personal Life of Lizzy Mussi 

In this section, we will tell you about some of the facts concerning the personal life and educational background of Lizzy Mussi, who is a well-known car racer and social media celebrity.  

  • Lizzy Mussi got the privilege to complete her high school education in her hometown, which is Carteret, New Jersey, in the United States of America.  
  • It has been reported that Lizzy Mussi has completed her Bachelor’s degree from one of the reputed universities in the United States of America.  
  • As far as the relationship status with Lizzy is concerned, we should also tell you that Lizzy Mussi is committed to Kye Kelley right now.  
  • Lizzy Mussi got engaged to Kye Kelley on the 3rd of July in 2021. The couple dated for many years before they finally decided to tie the knot in 2021. However, they have not revealed any further details on the internet regarding their marriage.  

The Bottom Line 

Kye Kelley Wife, also known as Lizzy Mussi, is a well-reputed drag racer in the United States of America. Apart from this, she is also a popular social media influencer. As her father owns a car engine company, she also got the motivation to get involved with cars and, ultimately, drag racing.  

At the current moment, Lizzy Mussi actively participates in a considerable number of car racing competitions. That being said, we can say that the net worth of Lizzy Mussi is expected to be somewhere around $2 million USD.

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