How to Use the Binary Circle Indicator

by Alex Hales

Binary Circle Indicator is a trading indicator that works well on Meta Trader 4. However, it is not compatible with any other platform. In addition, it works well on all time frames and gives you signal alerts in real-time. To successfully use this indicator, you should have a basic knowledge of currency trading, market conditions, fundamentals, and technical factors. Read on to find out more about this trading indicator and how it can work for you.

Signals are sent via Mobile Notification

One of the benefits of the Binary Circle Indicator is that the signals are sent to you via Mobile Notification. You can monitor more than one chart at a time without having to stare at your screen all day. You can receive alerts by text message or mobile phone. You can also receive them via platform pop-ups. You can use this option to get notifications when you’re about to trade.

Signals are non-repaint

You may have noticed that your Binary Circle Indicator signals are not non-repaint. If you’ve used this indicator, you know how annoying it can be. The good news is, you can easily fix this problem by re-coding it. By doing this, your indicator will no longer repaint and show primarily losing entry signals. However, be aware that this method won’t work for every indicator.

They do not recalculate

Binary Circle Indicators are a common type of indicator. As a result, they do not recalculate, even if you make changes to them. Instead, they store data in an internal format that the circle data type uses. This data is stored in a var binary host variable, which can be used for insert, select, and delete operations. The var binary host variable can be declared using the syntax described below.

They have an 85% win ratio

The binary circle indicator is one of the most popular forex indicators, and it gives easy to use buy and sell signals. Unlike other indicators that use complex strategies such as trend lines, support, and resistance, this one is designed to provide simple, yet accurate buy and sell signals that are not affected by market sentiment. The indicator can be used with any currency pair and time frame, and requires just 55 seconds to open.

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