How to Find Best Body Wash or Soap for Yourself

by Alex Hales
best body wash

You came across a body soap years ago. Even after 15 years you still use the same soap. But now seeing friends, you also want to choose a different body wash from soap. But you have never used body wash instead of body soap, so you are wondering whether to take body wash or not?

Now thinking about this, then know that soap definitely has its benefits, but body wash also has its own unique benefits. If you also want to know which soap and wash is beneficial for you, then let us know, their characteristics so that you can choose the best body wash or best soap for yourself.

1. Cleaning power

The cleansing power of body soap is such that you can choose it without any hesitation. Yes, it is also true that both the products are excellent from the cleaning angle, but still the cleaning power in soap is a bit more.

Actually, along with sodium lauryl sulfate, some other antibacterials are also mixed in it. These words related to science may seem difficult, but understand that the cleaning power of soap increases with it.

But yes, for even better effect of soap, ground coffee or poppy seeds are also applied with it, then assume that it will also exfoliate the skin well.

2. Soap fails in skin care

If the purpose of choosing between soap or body wash is skin care products, then do not choose soap at all. Rather, you will feel more improvement with body wash. This is because body wash has a low pH level, so it does not harm the skin at all, but is best for sensitive skin. Many body washes contain large amounts of petroleum. It is a kind of lubricant, which moisturizes the skin. Remember, every time we take a bath, the natural moisture of the skin gets lost. While this moisture can be saved up to 30 percent with body wash.

3. The smell is amazing too

There are many people who feel freshness after bathing only when the fragrance comes from their body. It is also worth noting here that most of the times the fragrance lasts only for a few hours. But this happens only with body wash. The fragrance of soap lasts for a long time. But yes, sometimes such soaps also become the cause of allergies. For this you should choose fragrance free soap. Here it is also special that you can hardly get fragrance free body wash. This is the reason why they can also cause a lot of damage to sensitive skin. Actually, the ingredients that give fragrance are often not skin friendly.

4. Who will give how much along?

Whether it is soap or body wash, which one will help in both, it depends on your use. But it is also true that soap comes in solid form, so it is easy to save it. But for this soap has to be kept away from water. It can be done that the soap dish is used only with holes from the bottom. But it is not easy to do this with body wash, there is always a risk of overusing it. If it is easy to remove it from the bottle of body wash, then it is as if it gets wasted. For less use, it has to be used thoughtfully on its own.

5. Hygiene has body wash ahead

In answer to the question of what is better in terms of hygiene in soap and body wash, only the name of body wash can come. Because there is a problem with soap that it takes many hands and the more hands there are, the more germs also come. Then when you use this soap, these germs also reach your skin. Actually germs stay on wet soap too quickly. While keeping soap dry is not easy at all. Along with this, sometimes the hair also gets stuck on the soap. That too is enough for the mess. But even if many people use the same bathroom, then believe that the germs will just keep on increasing. In such a situation, the use of body wash becomes very important. In this way there are no germs. Even if there are, they are not increasing at all. Being in a bottle, the liquid of the body wash does not touch with hands and is also protected from wind.

6. Which one is easier to use?

It must have happened to you as well that you sit in the bath and you leave the soap out of your hands, then for the next several minutes you keep looking for it. How angry do you get at such a time? You have to practice holding it several times by bending over. But this does not happen at all with body wash. Just press its bottle and apply it on the body with a sponge. One advantage of body wash is that it releases a lot of foam, which makes the feeling of cleanliness more.

7. Must be eco friendly too

Keeping in view the environment of today, every work is being done in an eco-friendly manner. Soap can be considered better in this case. The reason for this is the packaging of soap. Soap packaging is often made of paper or cardboard. It is easy to recycle them. They also do not block the drains. At the same time, the containers of body wash take up a lot of space in the bathroom first. Then due to the foam in them, the use of water also increases. Apart from this, a lot of water is wasted even when opening, closing the bottle and pouring liquid in the loofah. This is important for skin health also.

8. Easy in Traveling

If you are often on tour, then body wash is the best option for you. Because carrying wet soap everywhere is not easy at all. Rather, it makes other things worse. Therefore, even if you use soap in everyday life, but you must carry a small bottle of body wash with you for commuting somewhere.

So now you must have understood which body wash and soap is better for you.

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