Harpic Vs. Domex: Which Toilet Cleaner is Better and Why?

by Alex Hales
Harpic 5 litre

A dirty toilet can make your day miserable. For example, you might have to work hard to mask the odour with air fresheners. It is a no-brainer that toilet cleaners have been invented for good reason! But not all toilet cleaners are created equal. 

Some products get rid of dirt and stain better than others. That’s why many people think one toilet cleaner is more effective than the other. Toilet bowl cleaners are there to do a job. But what is it,  exactly? It is to clean your toilet and leave a pleasant smell. So, how exactly do they do it?

Toilet cleaners’ main purpose is to clean the surface of your toilet bowl and surrounding areas. The cleaner should eliminate all traces of urine and bacteria. The cleaner should also have a fresh scent to mask the bad odour of toilets. In addition, the cleaner should not leave any residue. 

Like all parts of your house, your toilet needs attending. However, cleaning duties can sometimes overwhelm even the most dedicated of us. But with the right toilet cleaner in your hands, cleaning your toilets is a lot easier. 

Choosing the right toilet cleaner depends on your preference and whether you want to buy a product that is more chemical-free, or one more suited to tackling dirt. 

Harpic and Domex are two of the most popular brands of non-toxic toilet cleaners. They have been around for decades and have built a good reputation as trustworthy and effective cleaning products. These two toilet cleaners are also widely available and cost-effective. 

Harpic for Toilet Cleaning

Harpic is a toilet bowl cleaner that is easy to use and quick-acting. It comes in a gel form which allows it to cling to the sides of the bowl, so it doesn’t dribble down the tank and can be used on stubborn stains. The gel sticks well even after repeated use. Harpic 5 litre is also effective in removing rust, lime, corrosion, and calcium deposits from toilet bowls that can be difficult or costly to remove with other cleaners.

The ingredients in Harpic are sodium carbonate, caustic soda, and surfactants. The surfactants clean the bowl while the sodium carbonate neutralises the effect of residue left by the other ingredients. Caustic soda dissolves lime and mineral deposits in toilets. A study conducted by the British Standards Institute shows that Harpic can be effective on 14 different species of bacteria.

Domex for Toilet Cleaning

Domex contains lye and caustic soda, like Harpic. It also contains surfactants. Unlike Harpic, however, it doesn’t have an anti-film agent which means it’s not as effective at preventing hard water stains on your toilet and can even leave a trail that takes multiple flushes to remove. Interestingly, the same study conducted by the British Standards Institute shows that Domex can be effective on 7 of the 14 different species of bacteria.

Harpic Vs. Domex

In summary, Harpic and Domex are similar in many ways. Both contain caustic soda to dissolve mineral and lime deposits. Both have cleaning solutions that are delivered in gels for better results. Both are easy to use. And both are widely available. However, Harpic has an anti-film agent that prevents the formation of hard water on your toilet tank or bowl. It means that your toilet will look cleaner, flush quicker, and last longer. Harpic is also more cost-effective than Domex because it’s more dilute.

Harpic 5 litre also has a better odour-controlling formula than Domex. It means that it will leave your toilet smelling fresher and cleaner, even after repeated use. If you’re looking for a quick-acting toilet bowl cleaner with powerful bacteria-fighting properties, go for Harpic. You won’t regret it. 

Both Harpic and Domex are now available in different variants. These new, improved toilet cleaners are more effective and will leave your toilet smelling sweet and fresh. You can choose one of them based on your preferences and needs.


While both of these toilet cleaners are great at removing stains and preventing bacteria, Harpic is a more effective cleaner, thanks to its smart formulation! All you have to do to get a clean toilet is squeeze the gel on the sides of the bowl and let it work its magic. It’s simple, fast, and most importantly, safe for your bathroom. Harpic is available on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. You can check out their entire collection of toilet cleaners and other bathroom products on their official website to maintain a more attractive, safe, and hygienic toilet.

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