Engage Yourself in Lifelong Learning

Engage Yourself in Lifelong Learning

by Alex Hales
Engage Yourself in Lifelong Learning

When you hear the word Learning, you immediately think about a school, teachers, and exams. However, Learning is something different. It is a continuous acquisition of knowledge due to the human natural drive to explore, learn and grow.


What is lifelong Learning?

Lifelong Learning can be defined as the pursuit of knowledge which is ongoing and self-motivated –for personal or professional development. Its main element is personal fulfilment and a feeling of accomplishment. It can occur in formal or informal settings.


Key features of lifelong learning system


You cannot consider any type of learning process is to lifelong Learning. They have some special features which differentiate them from the traditional educational system

  • Self-motivated
  • Continuous Learning
  • Have curiosity about acquiring knowledge due to personal interest
  • Positive learning attitude
  • No age limit
  • Often in the informal learning system


Lifelong Learning and  the Formal education system

A wise man said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Generally, the formal education system has a starting and an ending point. It is an exam-oriented system where people are mostly interested in numbers and scoring and least interested in learning., moreover, students are also interested to take my online class for me.

In contrast, lifelong Learning is an ongoing and self-initiated learning process. where learners have a passion and ambition to learn for personal satisfaction.


Why can one engage himself in a lifelong learning process?

One can continue his or her learning process on two main fronts.

  • Learning for professional development

Learning new skills and techniques is important for one’s professional growth.

Nowadays, organizations and companies also arrange workshops and seminars for the professional development of the employees.


  • Learning for personal development

The aim of Learning is not only to build a career or have a degree but also to shape our personality.

Learning for personal development helps to groom yourself.


How can we engage ourselves in Lifelong Learning?

Life-long Learning or continuous Learning can be done for professional development and as well as for self-development. We are discussing some ways that one can engage himself in lifelong Learning.


Reading Books:

Engage yourselves in reading books by scheduling your time. Reading books is one of the classic ways of learning for ages. It helps to acquire knowledge and keep our minds sharp and healthy. According to the American Academy of Neurology journal, people involved in mentally stimulating activities like reading may have slower memory breakdowns than those who do not.


Attending seminars and lectures

Many organizations conduct seminars, workshops, and lectures for their employees to expand their knowledge and to remain updated about their field. I


Surround yourself with lifelong learners

A person is known by the company he keeps. So always connect yourselves with the people who are smart and have curiosity for knowledge. They are lifelong learners, and their in-depth conversations and life experiences help in your learning process.


Learning from your mistakes:

Always try to learn from your mistakes. And not give up easily if you want to be a lifelong learner.

Sir Winston Churchill said everyone makes mistakes, but only wise men can learn from them.



One efficient way of Learning is teaching. You can learn many new things by teaching others, which also helps to clear your concepts.


Be a keen observer

You can learn a lot from your surroundings by observing things with interest. Newton gives the concept of gravity by simply observing an apple falling from a tree.


By using the internet wisely

If you know how to use the internet wisely, then you can learn many things from the internet. You can take online courses and attend webinars, which improve your knowledge and help in professional growth.


Show Dedication:

Always show dedication to your learning process. Make learning your priority by devoting your time and energy to it.


How does it benefit you?

As food nourishes your body, Learning nourishes your soul. Engaging yourself in the learning process is also important for your mental health. It keeps your mind fresh and sharp.


Personal development

One of the important aspects of Learning is personal development. A good learning process always helps to bring lasting positive changes in human life and attitude.


Boost self-confidence

When you are in a learning process, you feel accomplished. This feeling makes you a confident person, taking challenges and chances without hesitancy.


New ideas

your mind can give innovative and better ideas for every situation.


Improves your profile

Learning new things, and taking courses and workshops improve your profile and may help you to find better opportunities.


Remain connected to the new world

We know that the world is rapidly changing. New technologies and techniques are introduced. It is a need of time that one remain relevant by engaging himself in lifelong Learning.


Change your thinking perspective

Learning opens your mind and broadens your thinking perspective.


Pay it forward

Engaging yourself in lifelong Learning not only benefits you. It also motivates other individuals around you to engage themselves in the learning process.


To sum up.

Learning is something that helps you to grow and prosper. Learning should commence at birth and only cease at death.

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