List of Top Best Schools in Lahore (2022)

Best Schools in Lahore

by Alex Hales
best schools in Lahore

Choosing the best School for the kid is a very critical decision. Every parent looks for the best School to get the best education, discipline, teachers, curriculum, the best faculties, syllabus, and much more. Lahore has the highest literacy rate in Pakistan, and almost all the Top Best Schools in Lahore are focused on the best prestigious schools in Pakistan. In this article, we’ll explain how to find the most suitable School for your child’s better future. So, let’s begin the debate.

Lahore Grammar School:

Lahore Grammar School comes at the top in terms of best schools in Lahore. It’s a private institution in Lahore with multiple branches spreading throughout the country. Established in 1978, the Lahore Grammar school is highly selective and requires multiple academic tests for admission. The School provides private education from primary to A Level.
There’s a great need to know, the Lahore Grammar school has campuses in Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Islamabad, Gujarat, Multan, Karachi, Rahim Yar Khan, etc. The school academics offer both Punjab board and A levels education system. It’s fascinating to know that the School also has many co-curricular activities, such as competitions, societies, inter colleges competitions, and inter-house competitions.

Beaconhouse School System:

There’s no doubt, Beaconhouse School is known as one of the top schools in Pakistan. It’s a private institute, and the branches are spread throughout the country. The School provides primary and secondary education and prepares for the international “general certificate of education.” Beaconhouse house is affiliated with Cambridge and prepares the students for O-level education in Lahore.
Moreover, Beaconhouse School is the most expensive School with a great structure. The School includes facilities such as personal, social health, media, robotics, foreign languages, and an enhanced learning environment. However, Beaconhouse school runs in Pakistan and other countries such as the U.K., Malaysia, Thailand, Oman, U.A.E., and Belgium. If you need admission to one of the top-notch Schools in Lahore or any other city, Beaconhouse school is a blind pick to secure your child’s future.

Aitchison School and College:

If you’re looking for the best School in the city of hearts, look no further than Aitchison school and college Lahore. Aitchison College is the best independent semi-private School and college in Pakistan. It provides national and international curricula. Along with this, the School is also affiliated with Cambridge and Agha Khan Examination Centers.
One of the significant reasons to add Aitchison school and college to your list is that it provides state-of-the-art sports facilities, clubs, and multiple abilities for the students. Furthermore, it educates 2,000 students annually, and the students usually gain admission at ivy league universities in the U.K. and the U.S.A. it is also one of the best medical schools in Lahore.

Kips School Lahore:

One of the reliable education institutions in Lahore providing quality education is Kip’s School. It’s a private and well-known school with branches in many cities of Pakistan to support better education in the country. Furthermore, KIPs is typically known for its evening Coaching Centre and national and foreign test preparation. The teaching quality of the institute is brilliant as it educates regarding competitions and different fields. Along with this, Kip’s academies are also famous in major cities of Pakistan. The number of students joining the academies after school/ college and preparing for the exams.

Divisional Public School:

Divisional Public School, one of the most prestigious schools in Pakistan, promises to offer a better education system. In Lahore, the School started in the spring of 1962 in very few rented rooms of the “Gaddafi Stadium.” There’s a great need to know that Divisional Public school is one of the largest institutions having multiple playgrounds for cricket, football, volleyball, and basketball. However, Parents looking for a reliable educational institute for their children can select Divisional Public School without thinking any other else.

Bloomfield Hall School:

Bloomfield hall school in Lahore was a collaboration between the educationalists of Pakistan and the U.K. to provide quality education to students. The school has private institutions system with G.C.E. O Levels. Educated students proceed to do A levels. However, the school is famous because of provides a better educational system, air-conditioned classrooms, an art room, a library, well-equipped labs, audio-visual resources, and much more.

Lahore Garrison education system:

It’s fascinating to know that Lahore Garrison is a branch of the Army public school and college system. The School’s education system is one of the trustful Educational Institutes in Lahore. Along with this, the Lahore Garrison’s education system is one of the prominent institutes of the Pakistan army. As per under Army, the School focuses on discipline. However, the School has many extracurricular activities to improve student teamwork, leadership, and honesty.
Moreover, the school curriculum includes the Islamabad board of intermediate and secondary education and an international general education certificate. However, the School provides O-level and A-level preparation. Furthermore, Lahore Garrison also provides education from Montessori to M.A. and B.C.S in terms of the higher education system.


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