Xbox IP Grabber: Get Help From IP Resolver?: How to use it:

by Alex Hales

Xbox users may encounter some problems and problems, and in order to solve them, they first need to know their IP address.

You will see your account title in the top left corner to know that you should open your Xbox home screen.

Use your controller to highlight it and press A. You will see some options and you have to go to settings. In that menu, first open network settings, then advanced settings, then IP settings.

Open them and you will see your Gamer IP on the right side of the screen.

Xbox gamertag IP finder

You cannot find a player’s IP address using just their gamertag. To access your IP address, you must connect to that person through a game or party.

Furthermore, accessing someone’s IP address is also illegal. Accessing someone’s IP address requires some dark knowledge. There are some dark sites like lanc-remastered that help crack someone’s IP using just their gamertag.

Additionally, you need a Microsoft Silverlight account, Winpcap and C++ Microsoft visuals on your system. First you need to unzip lanc-remastered.

If you’re on Wi-Fi, things get easier. Next, you need to enable options for web filters and web spoofing. After doing that, you need to find your IP.

You have already been guided on how to do that. Once you have the IP, you’ll need to paste it into the “To” bar.

Then in the next step you have to enter 3074 in the filter tab. Once you have done this, a button will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

The button says “start pulling”. Then use the analog stick to access it and enable it. Once highlighted, you need to press A to activate it.

If enabled, you can see the IP of the currently active user. You can see them in the Active Connections tab.

During this process, if you encounter any setbacks or glitches while following these steps. In that case, you need to change your antivirus settings.

Xbox gamertag IP resolver

The Xbox Gamertag IP Resolver helps users find Xbox issues. I usually get an error on my Xbox while playing online on the web. It’s just a glitch, so I have to stress it, but this IP resolver solves that as well.

The resolver website provides the device to the user. You can even get your IP by just entering your username.

It also keeps gamers up to date on new features, dispatches new tools and more. What is in question is the fact that this will become very famous among the Xbox-using gamer community.

That is due to the fact that it is very user friendly, easy to use and manage.


A gamertag is an ID given to a user for use within the Xbox community. Your representative in the gaming world.

Once registered, a unique unique Gamer ID will be automatically generated. You can change it later only once, but after that you will need Gold Line membership and will be charged for it.\


You can find people’s Ip on Xbox very easily. IP resolvers like the Xbox resolver simply get the IP from the user’s gamertag. If that didn’t work, try using an Xbox IP Puller like Lanc Remastered. You can also get the user’s IP by introducing them to the link from the IP Logger. Finally, Wireshark is a very good app for pulling out Ip. Please note that other users may also want to obtain your IP. So every time you go online, use a proxy to protect your real IP address.

Last updated 11, 2021

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