WOW Channels play an important part in community development

by Alex Hales

Many people believe that communication is the very essence of what it is to be human. Humans have always used various forms of communication to engage and associate with one another; before the introduction of contemporary methods in the manner of communication, talking drum beats and village whiners with bands were notable among the forms of communication; nevertheless, the reach and effectiveness of these tools were restricted, and they could not bring about any significant changes in the nation. Its importance as a driving force behind progress in many different spheres of the country’s economy and society is indisputable.

By informing, entertaining, and convincing its viewers, WOW Channels are a driving force in maintaining and realizing societal progress. The many ways in which television influences and shapes social norms and values—as an agent of change, a mirror of society, and a reinforcer of established norms and values—make it an interesting and important subject for academic study. In particular, cultural values are projected via societal standards on how infants, adolescents, women, etc. are expected to act to contribute to the growth and development of society.

While Individuals undergo a process of socialization in which they become conscious of the societal standards, attitudes, emotions, and values to which they are expected to adhere.

An individual’s capacity to deal with life’s challenges is bolstered by their socialization into and understanding of their culture’s norms. Institutions within society are the agents of socialization since they are the vehicles via which individuals acquire and internalize these values, opinions, and dispositions. Anticipatory socialization, resocialization, reverse socialization, primary socialization, and secondary socialization are all forms of socialization that play a role in a person’s development.

To name only a few examples of socializing factors: Therefore, the family has considerable sway on an individual’s sense of identity, as well as their feelings, perspectives, and actions, because of its central role in the development of every person.

Individuals are expected to conform to the standards and ideals established by their peer group. Religion also has a significant role in socialization since it represents societal norms and values. Religion, in this regard, has its canon of doctrines, ideals, and guidelines by which its adherents are expected to live their lives.

The educational institution plays a significant role in the process of socialization. The youngster, who has lived with the families for some time, grows his ties to the outside world via his educational experiences. The school offers academic and social experiences that mold students’ character and ability to execute adult duties.

Still, television has been the single most influential socializing factor in this progress. There are several channels and methods available on television for conveying information from one person to another. The development of children’s social skills is greatly aided by it.

For a community’s television stations to function properly, they play an important role. The people are divided and governed. Besides entertaining its audience, it also serves to inform and enlighten them. Because of the visibility of the television station, members of the group can express norms, apply social controls, assign roles, and carry out the social process as a whole. With that in mind, the success of the radio station is crucial to the achievement and maintenance of political, economic, and social progress.

General functions of television stations in local community development will be investigated. The success or failure of the television station in filling certain functions. Radio stations’ organizational composition and potential effects on their operations will be evaluated. Many variables affect how well a radio station does its job, and we’ll use them to our advantage while offering advice for mitigating the impact of the bad ones.

Indicative of the Issue with TV stations

  • To some extent, the local TV station may be considered a vehicle for enhancing the civic, political, and social life of its viewers. The television station is a major source of information for the general people.
  • However, a conducive operating environment is necessary for the TV station to fulfill its tremendous and uninsurable obligations. Television has an important role in nation formation, thus the local community should do its utmost to support the station.
  • Due to the state of the economy, television stations often have to operate in hazardous environments. Materials, machinery, and equipment used in manufacturing, as well as those required for different programs, have all skyrocketed in price. 
  • There is a problem with the absence of emotional information interchange when dealing with sensitive public problems and the risks people confront in their everyday lives, and this medium has sections that are mostly devoted to professionals.

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