Why Choose Custom Timber Gates?

by Alex Hales
custom timber gates flinders

Many people are under the impression that gates are not a feature of their homes that they should pay special attention to. But in actuality, they are wrong. The first-most thing that attracts visitors’ attention is the front gate of your house and it kind of sets an impression of the rest of the portion, interior, and also your taste of selection too. So, gates are a very prominent feature of your home. Even a garden gate is worth choosing seriously, as it sets the tone for the rest of your garden.

You might be hesitating at the time to select wood or timber material out of the thinking that it is not a very reliable material, but it is not as soft as you might think it is. Wood is reliable and sturdy. Traditional materials like metal and steel might still look like a good choice, but, you can, of course, choose to have Custom timber gates and add your touch to your property. We are here to tell you about the benefits of picking timber for your gates.

Reasons for picking timber gates:

1. Budget-friendly

Timber, in general, is pretty inexpensive as compared to steel or even plastic. Therefore, not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also doesn’t cut a hole in your pocket. Although with Custom timber gates, the costs can add up because of adding customized things, however, the overall expenses are still not as much.

2. Privacy

Many metal and plastic gates are made with bars or big holes which make your space visible to passersby, who can intrude on your privacy. With timber gates, this problem is gone. When you get Custom timber gates, you can design them in such a way that your privacy remains intact.

3. Environmental-friendly

Materials like plastic and metal can be damaging to our environment. Timber is a better alternative to these materials, as they are relatively less harmful to the environment. Choosing sustainable materials is important in today’s time, given the alarming rates of global warming.

4. Easy repairs

Repairing timber gates is quite cheap compared to gates made of other expensive materials, such as metal and others. Your Custom timber gates are not hard to repair in the least, so you don’t have to worry about any damages that might affect your gates.

5. Versatile

Timber gates have more options to choose from as compared to other materials. There are infinite numbers of patterns and designs to choose from. Ready-made gates of different sizes are also available. You can choose any quality because there is a lot of variety. Not only are the pre-existing options already wonderful, but you also have the option to create Custom timber gates. This allows you to add a sparkle of your personality into your personal space.

6. Beautiful aging

Timber gates only grow more beautiful with age, as compared to metal which rusts, and other such materials. Wood only looks better with time and becomes even more aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, you can be sure of its durability and not have to worry about replacing it after only some years.

7. Easy to change

Timber gates are quite easy to customize even after they have been installed. You can paint on them however you want and thus change their appearance dramatically. Moreover, some paints even add an extra coat of protection to your gates which helps preserve them longer. Not just paints but extra carvings and other forms of art are all great ways to spruce up your gates.

8. Lighter weight

Timber gates have a much lighter weight than metal gates. This is a good thing because lighter gates help preserve the hinges and posts of your gates better. Moreover, they are easy for you to open and close especially for elderly persons in your family.

9. Functionality

Since timber gates are so versatile, they can be used in almost any setting. Custom timber gates can be customized into any shape and size such that they will fit all your requirements. Whether you are using them for a commercial building or a residential area, there is a way to customize these gates anywhere.

10. Right fit

Wooden gates look natural for obvious reasons. They fit right into your gardens and add a welcoming and fresh appearance to your garden. On the contrary, metal gates can seem quite artificial and look out of place in a natural setting. Since wood is a part of nature itself, whatever design you choose will fit perfectly.


Timber gates are an excellent way to vamp up the appearance of your garden. If you were conflicted about choosing these gates, this list is a reliable compilation of reasons to pick timber gates over other alternatives.

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