UTI Treatments, Causes and Remedies

by Alex Hales
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What Are Urinary Tract Infections- UTI

Urinary Tract Infections are also known as UTI. Once contracted, UTI’s can be very resistant & difficult to cure completely. As per worldwide data available UTI’s are common in both men & women. However, the prevalence of UTI’s is more in women in comparison to men as the female anatomy of the urinary system makes them prone to these infections. It is seen that almost 150 million cases of Urinary Infections occur every year worldwide which is massive. It is also seen that almost 50% women do experience Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in their lifetime.

UTI is characterized by extreme discomfort & burning sensation while urinating or strong urge to urinate but inability to urinate & even severe irritation or pain in the urinary area which can cause great and at times unbearable discomfort. The act of urinating can be compared to urinating fire or acid at times which is very difficult to bear. It can also be associated with smelly & frothy urine.

Causes Of Urinary Tract Infections – UTI

It has been generally observed that UTIs occur in men as a Sexually Transmitted Disease also known as STD. The reason could be unprotected sexual contact with an infected partner or anal sex.


However, the main reason for UTI in females is the anatomical structure of the female urinary system. The distance between the urinary opening & the bladder is shorter in females unlike males. Moreover as the distance between the vaginal opening & the rectal opening in females are close by, this makes women very prone to Urinary Infections (UTI). Also, sexually active women are seen to be more prone to getting UTIs rather than those who are not as sexually active. Poor maintenance and sanitation of the Urinary area is also a common reason for frequent UTI. However, these factors are not permanent and there can be several other reasons for UTIs as well.

The most common pathogen or bacteria responsible for UTIs in both Men & Women is E.Coli also known as Escherichia Coli. Once the bacteria enter & gets into the urinary tract, it spreads very fast reaching the bladder soon and leading to several Urinary Tract related Infections along with a host of other problems, which can reach right up to the kidneys in extreme cases. Terrifying, isn’t it?

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treating urinary tract infections

Treating Urinary Tract Infections


Unable to bear all this urinary discomfort, patients take consultation from their doctors or gynecologist who generally suggests a Culture & sensitivity test on the patient’s urine sample, to find out the main culprit bacteria or microorganism, causing the problem & decide the antibiotic which will be most suitable, potent & effective against this microorganism.


The Culture & Sensitivity (C&S) tests generally take around 72 hours (3 Days) for the report to come, with a clear picture on the main bacteria responsible for the UTI in the patient. Based on the report, the doctor decides upon the best & most suitable treatment plan & the antibiotic which will be most effective against the responsible bacteria and is expected to give the best result for relief form the condition that the patient is in. The antibiotic course generally lasts for 5 to 7 days. The patient starts getting relief from the 3rd day onwards and is generally symptom free by 5 to 7 days.

problems with treating uti

Problems With Treating Urinary Tract Infections


While UTI and its symptoms settle down within 5 to 7 days, however Urinary Tract Infections are very difficult to cure permanently. As per data available, 50% of women who encounter UTIs suffer relapse with this problem again and again. The main reason for this relapse is that the villain pathogen or bacteria responsible for UTI, which is E Coli, has great survival instincts. It is very smart and keeps evolving from time to time getting more difficult to treat every time.


E Coli has a great capability to adapt and develop resistance to the drug or antibiotic used to counter it. This condition & situation is known as ‘Drug Resistance’. In this condition the same medicine prescribed by your doctor earlier may not necessarily work the next time as well. So when a patient has a relapse of UTI he or she may require a completely different antibiotic to control the infection and its symptoms.


Relapse with UTI are very common. Recurrent laboratory tests, repeated use of strong antibiotics along with their side effects and the inability of antibiotics to offer a permanent cure are a reason for great difficulty and frustration in many patients suffering from Urinary Tract Infections.


Many patients of UTI accept this as a way of life as they seem to find no permanent or long-term cure for their condition. The thought that comes to the sufferer’s mind many a times is, ‘Is there some other way to treat UTI without antibiotics or in a natural way?

safer and natural uti

Is There A Safer & Natural Option For Treating Urinary Tract Infections Without Antibiotics?


The good news is YES!! The safest, natural & safest option is American Cranberry, a Super Food with high content of beneficial nutrients, loaded with high level of Antioxidants.  American Cranberry is a fruit from shrubs grown in native America and has been used to effectively control and manage Urinary Tract Infections for several years now. The therapeutic and UTI fighting properties of American Cranberry are acknowledged worldwide.


American Cranberry offers great health benefits in an effective, safe & natural option for control of Urinary Tract Infections without Antibiotics, while increasing overall immunity at the same time. The power to offer relief from Urinary Tract Infections in American Cranberry, come from it being a very rich and high source of ‘Proanthocyanidins’ also known in short as PAC.  It is also a very rich source of Vitamin-C.


The high content of ‘Proanthocyanidins’ or PAC enables American Cranberry have properties which do not allow E Coli, the main UTI causing bacteria to stick to the inner lining of the Urinary Tract of humans and does not allow it to flourish inside the urinary system. This does not allow UTI to spread, and it remains under good control, thereby acting as a great line of defense for fighting Urinary Tract Infections in a natural manner and that too without any side effects.

American cranberry

Cranberry The Super Supplement Most Effective For UTI Relief?


Cranberry today is commonly available in the form of juice, tablets & capsules. While the most commonly form of Cranberry is juice, however one limitation with cranberry Juice is that it is very low in its content of Proanthocyanidins’ (PAC) and therefore not suitable or effective enough to provide relief or control of UTI.


Moreover, Cranberry Juices are mostly very rich in sugar and can therefore cause more problems than solutions in UTI management especially in diabetic patients, where occurrence of UTI’s is more. The taste of Cranberry Juices is also many a times not universally acceptable by all.


Several other forms of Cranberry are also available. However Pure & Original American Cranberry is the most preferred form of Cranberry, as it offers the highest level of Proanthocyanidins’ also known as PAC, as discussed earlier. Pure & Original American Cranberry though hard to get is available as an extract which is offered in Capsules of 500 MG each.

American Cranberry Capsule

Dose & How to Consume American Cranberry?


American Cranberry is great for effective control of Urinary Tract Infections in a natural & safe way. American Cranberry in the form of Capsules offers best efficacy and effect unlike Tablets as the natural properties of American Cranberry are not disturbed and well preserved as they do not undergo needless processing & compression processes used for tablet creation.


The most effective & best regular dose of American Cranberry Capsules for fighting & preventing UTI in a natural form is One Capsules of 500 MG once Daily for 6 months 30 to 45 minutes after breakfast with water. In extreme cases, one can start with a loading dose of 1 capsule daily every morning & evening, later reduced to 1 capsule daily after 30 days. Vegetarian capsules should be preferred when it comes to health supplements. Although a little expensive, Vegan Capsules are safer and offer no anxiety or confusion. So, look for the ‘Green Dot’ while choosing your health supplements.

Precautions While Using American Cranberry Capsules


100% Pure & Natural American Cranberry Capsules are very safe to use and do not have any side effects either. However, patients on drug thinners like Warfarin etc. must consult their doctor before initiating Cranberry. Also, pregnant women or lactating mothers should avoid using any supplement.


Now since you know all that is required on managing Urinary Tract Infections, go ahead and order your pack of Pure, Natural & Original American Cranberry Capsules and Say Goodbye to Urinary Infections.

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