Ultimate Guide to Teelings Irish Whiskey

by Alex Hales

This comprehensive guide on Teelings Irish Whiskey covers the whiskey’s characteristics, ageing process, and price. This article should help you out by providing the information you need to get going on your quest for Irish whiskey. Here is a look at Teelings Irish Whiskey’s ingredients and maturing process. You can buy it once you find what you’re looking for!

the Irish whiskey Teeling’s

Look no further if you’ve ever wondered how the Teeling whiskey distillery creates its premium whiskey. A long family heritage can be found in their three copper pot stills. Walter Teeling established the distillery in the eighteenth century, and it has been in the family for four generations. The family still follows the custom now. Their whiskey features distinct barrel finishes that make it ideal for cocktails or savouring on its own.

Each bottle of Teeling whiskey contains more alcohol than the typical 40% in the industry. With a higher proof, chill filtration is avoided, which eliminates the fatty acids that give whiskey its flavour and texture and cause it to appear foggy when cold. This procedure maintains whiskey clear in frigid storage facilities.


In order to get a quality Irish whiskey, it’s crucial to consider the components and production method. Teelings does not employ Anchor yeast in the production of its whiskey, unlike many other brands. Three copper pot stills are used to make the whiskey, which is then transported to Dublin by low-loader and ferry. What you need to know about Teelings is as follows. In a moment, we’ll go over its components and production procedure.

Ninety percent corn and 12% malted barley are the two main ingredients in Cooley grain whiskey. The Irish Whiskey Act mandates that whiskey in Ireland mature for three years in oak casks. The industry norm for casks is ex-bourbon barrels, but Teeling has long experimented with other types of casks. Whiskey from Jack Teeling and Stephen Teeling has been ageing in Madeira and Sherry casks separately.


The Teeling family has been producing whiskey for more than 125 years. They changed from being a bottler to a distiller this year when they opened a distillery. They have been expanding their selection of Irish whiskey, and last month they added Teeling Single Malt. As of right now, the Teeling brand includes three separate single malt whiskeys, including extremely premium expressions aged twenty-one, twenty-six, and thirty years.

This whiskey has a lovely scent with undertones of candied orange zest. Stone fruit, pineapple, and vanilla are some other notes. This whiskey has a noticeable palate weight and a creamy texture on the palate. Whiskey that has been matured in sweet wine casks has flavours of baked apples, raisins, and dried peaches. It finishes extremely slowly. Try this whiskey if you want to taste the difference!


For more than 200 years, the Teelings Irish Whiskey Family has been producing Irish whiskey. Walter Teeling established a small distillery on Marrowbone Lane in Dublin’s Liberties neighbourhood in 1782, starting a 230-year legacy of producing Irish whiskey. The most recent generation, Jack and Stephen Teeling, is currently continuing on the family legacy and paving the way for a bright future for Dublin’s distilling sector.

The Dublin distillery employs whiskey stocks that were once part of another distillery. To give the whiskey a smoother texture, it is then matured in smaller casks. It cannot be shipped to Massachusetts and is a lighter whiskey than its competitors. However, if you’re an expert in whiskey, this liqueur is a sure bet. Teelings has a genuinely distinctive flavour.

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