8 Adventure Tourist Places in Rajasthan for Adrenaline Rush

by Alex Hales
adventures in rajasthan

The heritage-rich state of Rajasthan is renowned for its majestic structures and enormous palaces. Rajasthan is a renowned tourist destination due to its architecture, cuisine, clothes, and music. In addition, there are lovely lakes and historic temples that give peace and tranquility. Hence, you will find a good exploring the tourist places of Rajasthan.

Most visitors visit Rajasthan for these attractions, although there are several sites that the more adventurous may explore. If you desire adventure, the Rajputana area of Rajasthan offers a broad range of sports and outdoor adventures that would astonish you. Do you want to know about the adventure places in Rajasthan? Then you will find them here. So book your Rajasthan tour packages with LIH Travel and have a thrilling and exciting trip. Now, let’s uncover the adventurous places.

Eight Tourist Places Of Rajasthan To Experience Adrenaline Rush

1. Amer

Amer, a small town in the Jaipur region of Rajasthan, is better remembered for the Amer Fort. Moreover, if you are interested in knowing how Royals traveled in the past, you may go on a tour atop one of the stunning and majestic Elephants. Surely, you won’t like your automobile after traveling like royalty.

2. Alwar

The history of Alwar stretches back to 1500 B.C and is among the famous places of Rajasthan. Notwithstanding the city’s accessibility to the famed Sariska Tiger Reserve accounts for most of its visitors, it also provides banana boating. Moreover, the banana boat trip on Siliserh Lake in Alwar will give you a much-needed adrenaline rush. The ride is dangerous for youngsters.

Additionally, you must wear appropriate safety gear and be prepared for a wet ride on the entertaining inflatable banana boat. Further, this bumper tube speeds swiftly through the lake’s beautiful waves. If the banana boat trip is too terrifying for you, you may opt for a somewhat safer motorboat trip.

3. Jaisalmer

Rajasthan’s Golden City Jaisalmer lies in the middle of the Thar Desert and is among the important tourist places of Rajasthan. So you may experience the ‘high point of Rajasthan,’ the Desert Safari, which draws travelers from across the globe. So this safari provides many options, including nights in villages that allow you to experience the rural lifestyle of deserts and numerous tourist trips.

Additionally, Jaisalmer provides camel safaris in the Thar desert. Also, the desert safaris here are not too expensive, ensuring that the experience will not empty your wallet. Further, if you choose to overnight at the Desert Safari Camp, you may enjoy numerous things.

4. Mount Abu

Because of its weather, Mount Abu is a popular recreational location for many tourists in Rajasthan. Moreover, it provides relief from the terrible desert atmosphere of Rajasthan. Additionally, Mount Abu is an ideal tourist location for an exciting vacation. In the city’s mountains, hiking and rock climbing are possible. Moreover, the hike is open to everyone. It is quick, and the scenery from the top of the hill is stunning.

5. Jaipur

To experience Hot Air Balloon rides, visit Jaipur, again among the most important places of tourism in Rajasthan. Typically, Jaipur’s hot air balloon tours are staged near Amber Fort. You may choose to travel either at 5:30 a.m. or 4:00 p.m. So the balloon shall fly for around one hour, and getting ready and filling it will take an additional two hours. On the flight, you will attain a maximum elevation of 1200 feet from the starting point alongside 6-7 more passengers. Additionally, being physically well enough to stand for the flight is important.

6. Ranthambore

Ranthambore is a well-known adventure location in Rajasthan and among the must visiting places of Rajasthan. Experience this location’s distinct flora and fauna. Further, you get the opportunity to visit the renowned tiger reserve of Ranthambore. In addition, this location was a royal hunting ground where kings and princes hunted tigers and leopards.

7. Jodhpur

Paragliding in Jodhpur is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to soar high, which will captivate and captivate you with its adventure. In Rajasthan, enjoy the excitement of paragliding and get a birds-eye perspective. Moreover, this is the moment you will cherish for your lifetime.

8. Pushkar

Pushkar is a religious town in Rajasthan, but the Thar desert frontier is where the fun begins. If you prefer to unwind and relish a journey in the desert, then camel riding here is what you need. Moreover, experience Rajasthan’s vast desert by riding on a camel’s back.

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Rajasthan also presents some of the best options for adventure seekers, which is evident from the above list of tourist places of Rajasthan. So, get your adrenaline dose with these activities in Rajasthan.

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