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Repair or Sell a Broken MacBook

Given that laptops, particularly MacBooks, are becoming increasingly expensive each year, if you are in a situation where your MacBook requires service, you may wonder whether you should repair your laptop at the phone repair store or replace it? Whether we talk about the MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, one thing is certain: anyone who has used any of them for an extended period has encountered a problem or two, such as a damaged LCD screen or LCD, a bad battery, or some other hardware issue.

 However, it would help if you considered several factors before deciding, as replacing it may be more cost-effective.

Factors to Consider 

Your MacBook’s warranty has expired.

If your laptop is broken or damaged, take it to the nearest mac repair in Columbia. The repair will be expensive due to an expired warranty. Most notably, if a drop or a liquid spill caused the damage, you may receive a quote for nearly half the price of a brand-new MacBook.

Apple Repair Tiers: 

If you have ever had your Apple device repaired at their store, you are aware that there is no such thing as MacBook repair because it is the process of replacing the parts that are causing any issues in the device. 

There is no answer on how much it will cost to repair a MacBook from a mac repair in Columbia. A higher budget typically covers a minor replacement or repair.

First Tier: The first Tier is usually made up of minor components. Cables, for example, reseating, feet, or screws. It could be structural elements such as brackets.

Second Tier: Assembly and minor boards are included in the second Tier. It includes inverter assembly, power supply, and interconnect board replacement. It could also have enclosure components or an LCD polarizer.

Third Tier: Any replacement for a hard drive falls into this category.

Fourth Tier: This is for major and detrimental issues. It includes a major logic board replacement or a screen replacement.

MacBook Screen Damage

A broken screen is disastrous. Although your Macbook is still functional, it can be inconvenient to use, and the damage will worsen over time. You’re not alone if your MacBook’s screen is cracked. Screen repairs account for nearly one-fourth of all repairs performed by our technicians.

It doesn’t matter if you dropped your laptop at home, had a pixel issue, or dropped something heavy on it; a broken or damaged screen can be an expensive repair.

MacBook Liquid Damage

Again, we provide repair quotes based on cost and damage tiers. For example, if you accidentally spill coffee on a 13-inch Apple laptop, this will fall under Tier 4 repair. This Tier will be more expensive. It could be astronomical, costing up to 60% of the price of a new Apple MacBook Air model.

So, should you sell your Apple laptop instead of repairing it?

To summarize, the answer is it depends. Not all problems are expensive to repair. Here are some examples of when it is best to improve:

  • If your Mac runs slowly, it could be due to a faulty hard drive. Hard drive replacement is very cost-effective.
  • The operating system on Macs can become corrupted due to improper shutdowns or cases. Such repairs are inexpensive and quick to complete.
  • Your MacBook may contain a minor bug or virus (yes, Apple computers are also vulnerable to malware attacks). Technicians at Gadget Defenders have dealt with hundreds of malware-infected Macs, another cost-effective issue.

When to Sell an Apple Laptop?

Sometimes, selling your Apple laptop with a broken screen is preferable, especially if it has a Retina display. These screens are costly, and you would be looking at half the cost to fix a broken screen from mac experts in Columbia. Instead of paying a fortune to repair your screen, consider selling it. Add the money you’ll need to spend on the repair to the money you’ll get from selling your MacBook to purchase a new one – a better long-term investment!

Your Apple computer won’t turn on – This has happened before. There’s no comfortable way to say it, but it could be a problem with your motherboard, and a quick look at the tiers above reveals that such repairs are costly.

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Getting your MacBook repaired can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. It is also financially draining for any individual. People frequently believe purchasing a new device is the most convenient and comfortable option, but this month, anyone on a tight budget will look for something more cost-effective. The rate of screen replacement is proportional to your laptop’s Tier, model, and year. You must decide whether it is worthwhile to repair a broken MacBook from a phone repair store or sell it.

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