Why Do You Need Security Guards Los Angeles?

by Alex Hales
Security Guards Los Angeles

Day by day, crimes are increasing all over the world. It is not uncommon to hear about robbery assaults. People hire security guards Los Angeles for their businesses and their houses,. A security guard can keep a check on the activities happening around the venue, noticing if they see anything suspicious so that they can check if there is any potential harm and take action accordingly.

Duties Of Security Guards

Security guards Los Angeles have a lot of duties and responsibilities, and the duties they have depends on the type of security guard they are. The following is a list of the type of security guards that you can hire.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards is the most common type of security guards found. Their job can range from checking the security cameras and any equipment that is in the premises, conducting a foot patrol around the venue, and making sure that only people who have access to the building are able to enter etc. They are present almost at every venue, such hospitals, schools, colleges, offices, etc.

Mobile Guards

Mobile guards are responsible for patrolling the area on a vehicle and keeping an eye open for any wary activities. They are responsible for being present all the time and are urgently required in case of any security issue.

Armed Guards

Armed security guards more trained and will carry a licensed weapon. They have more responsibility than unarmed guards. In case of a very severe situation, such as having a shooter around, they are allowed to open fire.

Residential Security Guards

Residential security guards are usually night conductors. They are situated in housing colonies and apartments. They have the job to keep a watch on who enters and leaves the apartments and keep the neighborhood control.

Construction Guards

Construction guards have the duty to safeguard the important equipment and tools in the site premises, especially after construction hours. They also control the access of the premises and monitor it.

Corporate Guards

They stand outside offices and are mostly incharge of handling the access of the building and assisting the employees.

Event Guards

Special security is often hired when a major event is taking place to keep the crowd in control and manage the vehicle and parking around the premises.

Executive Guards

Executive guards are hired to provide security to famous people, such as celebrities, politicians etc. They need to be very aware of their surroundings so that they can sense any danger.

Security guards Los Angeles will have many duties to perform. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • They must vigilantly look around the premises and must know the daily routine activities so that they can easily highlight any unusual events.
  • In case of any unusual activity, they must inform the police on time with the right details so that the crime can be controlled.
  • They must be good at dealing with people, particularly with the police since they will be in contact with them quite a lot.
  • They must be quick to act in moments of emergency, such a fire. They must call the first brigade and put on any alarms necessary.
  • They should patrol the location so that they can see all around.

How To Hire A Security Guards In Los Angeles?

Now that you have decided that you need to hire a security guard for your house or your office, you will have to search around for the security guards near you. The first step is to decide what kind of a security guard you are looking for, depending on the type of venue it is. A security guard for a school will be different from one which is safeguarding equipment.

You will also have to decide whether your security guard needs to be armed or not. If so, they have to get a permit to carry arms. Next, you start writing a job description of the security guard that you want, listing all the duties they are required to perform, their behavior, or any other preferences etc.

You can post the job online and take interviews. While taking interviews it is important to ask the right questions. You have to make sure you can trust them in an emergency, ask them scenario based questions and check their spontaneity. Lastly, when you have decided that you want to hire someone, always run  background check on them. Refer to their previous employers for their credibility.

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