10 Private Home Care Facts You Should Know

by Alex Hales
Access Health

You receive a call from a client who demands to take care of his elderly family member. There can be limitless potential reasons for it. What you care about is providing the best possible facility. Though there are many people who are willing to avail private home care, not many are aware of the options. 

If you are someone looking forward to private home care, you might come across a lot of misconceptions regarding the service. Home care is ideal for someone with a chronic disease or diabetes which is progressing fast. Also, for people who are seeking medical supervision post-surgery. Access Health is an ideal option to seek home-based medical care service for yourself or someone with a medical condition.

Many people still aren’t aware of the details of the service. It only comes to their mind when they come to a point where it’s needed. A home health care service is beneficial in more than many ways.

Let’s discuss some of the surprising facts about home health care.

Private Home Care Responsibilities

  • Companies providing private home care services can always take credit cards or bill trusts.
  • Depending on the payment method one opts for, upfront deposits are common with private home care companies.
  • It’s mandatory for almost every private home care company to meet with the families first. It’s to observe the household condition.
  • It’s possible that a contract is changed or edited as per requirements after some time. 
  • The most important is that home health caretakers are not allowed to touch the medications. They are supposed to remind the patients but cannot give it to them due to the chances of human error.
  • Companies usually insist on having two people lift a person. This is to minimize the chances of any injuries.
  • If transportation is included to take the patient somewhere, you will be charged for the errands.
  • It is not just for the seniors but for people who are in the recovery phase and don’t require serious medical attention. It can be anyone from a young teenager to a mid-aged adult.

Home Care Costs

  • Private home cares are extremely expensive.
  • One cannot bear the cost of private home care through private insurance.
  • You won’t have to wait for reimbursement because some private home care agencies can charge your LTC insurance provider directly.
  • You might be surprised to know that veterans, their spouses, and widows are eligible for VAA.
  • Private home care costs are way inexpensive than regular hospitalizations and visit costs.
  • Medicare does not cover the long-term cost of home health care facilities. They have a limited specific budget for it.

Private Caregiver

  • Caregivers are available as companions. They are hired to provide services such as supervision, meal preparation, and serving.
  • It’s necessary to check the background of all the caregivers. From past services, references, and personal and professional background. Also, schedule an interview before hiring one.
  • The services included in home health care include personal care to an extent. It includes hygiene, cooking, and some basic tasks.
  • Nurses help with wound care, post-surgical care, and diabetes management.
  • Nurses are hired on an hourly basis. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete a specific task.
  • Nurses are paid for every visit.
  • The majority of nurses are females.
  • Caregivers are bound to serve at a specific moment. They can clean up the mess after a meal but aren’t supposed to clean the whole house.
  • Caregivers from different countries can serve but English is compulsory.
  • If an agency is involved in the process, the caregivers must be insured and trained.

Types Of Home Care Facilities

  • You can avail of home medical care for a short period of time.
  • Hourly care is from about 3-4 hours to 12 hours of the shift.
  • The transformation service isn’t a taxi. While driving elderlies to their homes, meetings, events, or anywhere.
  • Live care is way more economical than hospital care.
  • A twenty-four-hour shift of home care is quite hefty on the pocket but serves maximum care. It is one of the most expensive health care.
  • Medicare home care includes nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists for patients.

Home Care Serves You Where It’s Comfortable

Home health is something you avail yourself of for a specific period of time. Don’t take it as a permanent health solution. It ensures a person is taken care of in his home, and most of the people are usually elderly. They struggle to move and it’s difficult for them to pay frequent visits to the doctors. Homebound isn’t always for someone who is old. It can be anyone who needs support or assistance while going out, like a wheelchair or wrenchers.

Care for such people and assisting them with medical supervision improves their quality of life. Qualified professionals are trained to serve them and meet their medical needs. Before hiring one, be clear with the services you are looking forward to. Explain in detail the health situation of the patient and all the do’s and don’ts. 

For someone with post-injury or surgical treatment, nurses help them to return back to their normal lives. The goal is to carry out daily routine activities on their own. Homecare provides you the care you require without leaving your home. Isn’t it an ideal medical service?

Choose The Best Home Health Care

There are a number of facts evolving about home care. Whether it’s a medical attendant, professional physiotherapist, or ICU-trained nurse, rely on an authentic resource. It’s a very sensitive matter, therefore don’t give ears to just every news.

It’s true that there are many unreliable sources in the market. If you are concerned about the health of your loved ones, do your research. Connect to the people in the field and ask them. For the sake of saving some money, it can cost you a precious life. Don’t forget, there’s a life at stake therefore whatever decision you make, do it wisely.

Moreover, when looking for such agencies be clear with what you want. Access Health not only offers a wide range of health care facilities at your doorstep but is also serves quality services at affordable rates.


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