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by Alex Hales
Online Classes for Class 12

The importance of CBSE class 12th has increased over the past few years more than ever. Being the most trusted ground for colleges to give admission to students. Class 12th is a deciding factor for a student’s college journey.

The increase in competition among students and studying hard to gain excellent marks often leaves them with stressful and very hectic lifestyles. And the peer pressure faced by students often led to negativity and distrust of their caliber.

Free online classes for class 12 students are a way for students to come out of this vicious cycle of continuous self-doubt and losing self-confidence. Online classes are preferred more than ever in today’s scenario due to covid restrictions around the entire world.

Students often lookout for preferred online classes which could help them clear out their doubts and give a better understanding of the concepts but are often left with no options due to the high fee structure and extreme charges placed on these online courses.

Hence, it’s important to have free online classes for students in class 12th so that they could use the resources and score better marks.

Online classes are a very comfortable and at the same time extremely viable source which students can take from anywhere.


  1. Available anywhere at anytime
  2. Free of cost
  3. No Distraction
  4. Accessibility
  5. Opportunity to get taught from the most experienced teachers
  6. Great possibility to stay in personal touch with a tutor
  7. Problem-solving at a much faster pace

Free online classes for class 12 CBSE Students –

“VIDYA SETU Learning” is the most trusted and popular platform for free online classes for class 12 and 11 students. Equipped with experienced and interactive teachers, their goal is to provide knowledge that they possess to as many students as possible without being greedy to fill their pockets. Their only goal is to bring educational awareness and provide the resources to students so that they could make out the most from their 12th standard learning.

Each educator with a very experienced teaching profession is always ready to solve every problem faced by the student.

Factors that make Vidya Setu better than all the other platforms

  1. FREE OF COST- Even with the involvement of huge resources and experienced teachers. Vidya Setu does not charge any fees from the student studying. Vidya Setu free online lectures/classes whereas all the other platforms providing education do not involve good and experienced teachers. Still charge a huge amount from students for these classes.
  2. EXPERIENCED FACULTY- As can be seen in online classes, teachers are extremely proactive, always ready to answer students’ queries, and have immense experience as well as expertise in their respective subjects. After educating hundreds of students, each faculty knows students’ weaknesses and difficulties and hence teaches in that way only.
  3. HIGH-QUALITY VIDEOS- Students often face understanding issues with low-quality video lectures. Hence Vidya Setu provides high-quality video lectures so that students can always go back to the video lectures if they face any problems while studying
  4. FLEXIBILITY- These online classes cum video lectures are very easily accessible to all the students on Vidya Setu’s YouTube Channel. Students only have to subscribe to the channel which is free of cost and can watch all the videos anywhere and anytime.
  5. RESOURCEFUL- You can find all resources for preparation for class 12th board exams in one place which is Vidya Setu itself. You can find notes, solutions, sample papers, syllabi, etc on Vidya Setu’s official website. Vidya setu can be trusted by every student for their honest and collective effort to bring out all the material required for the preparation of class 12th.
  6. DOUBT-SOLVING- VidaSetu’s Doubt solving strategy is very feasible and viable. If any student is facing any problem while taking lectures can write their query in the comment section below, and will be answered as soon as possible by one of our experienced teachers only.


Hence, Vidya Setu is one of the best options available to class 12th students looking for free online classes class 12th students. You can visit Vidya Setu’s official YouTube Channel as well as the Vidya Setu official website to take online classes and video lectures. You can also find the CBSE class 12 crash course online for revision purposes.


Being part of high competition in 12th grade among students often leads to stress and anxiety in their lives. Hence, they need a reliable source with which they could trust their learnings. Vidya Setu has turned out as a student’s safe house for all their queries. Difficulties faced while preparing as well as free online classes for better understanding.

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