Major Causes of Low Sperm Count & How to Treat it?

by Alex Hales
low sperm count

A low sperm count signifies an abnormally low sperm count. The fluid (semen) you are ejaculating consists of very few sperm. A low sperm count also reduces the possibility that sperm will fertilize your partner’s eggs, leading to fertilization. Nevertheless, several men with low sperm counts may still conceive if they get the appropriate medication and make the required lifestyle adjustments. We will obtain further information on this condition in the article about, possible causes, and the appropriate treatment approach.

Low Sperm Count Symptoms

Signs and symptoms might well be attributed by the underlying reason, such as a hereditary chromosomal problem or hormonal changes, testicular veins torsion, or a medical problem that impede the passage of sperm. In addition, additional signs of low sperm count include problems with sexual performance, such as impotence or low sex drive.

Other signs:

  • Issues with sexual function like the inability to have sex due to ED or low libido.
  • A swelling, pain, or lump in the testicle region.
  • Loss of hair from body or face .

Low Sperm Count Causes

The formation of sperm is a complex procedure. It involves the appropriate working of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands as well as the testicles (testes), which secrete hormones that encourage spermatogenesis. Whenever sperm are produced in the testicles, they are transported via thin tubes till they unite with the sperm and are then discharged from the penis. The issues with any of these mechanisms may have an effect on sperm production

In addition, irregular sperm shapes (morphology), mobility (motility), or even functionality may be present.

Let’s check some of the possible reasons:

Medical Causes:


Teratozoospermia is a disorder characterized by abnormally shaped sperm. This may affect fertility since sperm cannot swim or enter the egg effectively. With teratozoospermia, it may be challenging to have a natural pregnancy. In extreme circumstances, fertilization and continued embryo development seem almost impossible. Moreover, teratozoospermia males are reliant on assisted reproduction for having babies.

low sperm count symptoms



A varicocele may occur if the valves usually present in veins do not function properly. In other instances, it may result from the constriction of a vein by an adjacent structure.

An infection

Certain illnesses may inhibit sperm production or sperm viability. Moreover, they may create inflammation that hinders the passage of sperm.

Ejaculation difficulties

Retrograde ejaculation happens whenever the bladder is full with sperm during orgasm and the sperm doesn’t at all exit the penis’s head.

Undescended Testicles

During development in the womb, the testicles cannot descend from the abdomen towards the normal testicle-containing sac (scrotum). Moreover, individuals with this disorder are at a greater risk for infertility, since they have low sperm count.

Tubes that are defective and carry the sperm

There are several tubes responsible for carrying sperm and any issues with them can lead to lower sperm count. In addition, these tubes may produce obstructions, due to surgical accidents, infections preceding surgery, trauma, or improper growth.

Environmental Causes:

The reason for low sperm count might be the result of prolonged exposure to certain environmental exposures, such as:

  • Industrial chemistries. A prolonged exposure to hazardous substances may lower sperm count.
  • Radiation and X-rays. Exposure to radiation might impair spermatogenesis. It can take many years to produce sperm to get back to normal levels. In the event of exposure to large levels of radiation, the generation of sperm may be permanently reduced.
  • Overheated testicles: Sperm generation and function are impaired by higher temperature. Hence, avoid using laptops on your lap.


Lifestyle, health, and many other causes

Other reasons of low sperm count include:

  • Use of illegal substances. Cannabis and cocaine may impair the quantity and quality of sperm in men.
  • Alcoholic drinks. Consuming alcohol may result in a decrease in spermatogenesis.
  • Work. There may be an association between some jobs and infertility, like welding or excessive sitting.
  • Chewing tobacco Tobacco use has negative impacts on the sperm count of males.
  • Stress. Extreme or sustained emotional stress, such as concern over fertility, may impair the hormones necessary to make sperm, resulting in a low sperm count.
  • Depression. Depression may have a negative effect on sperm count.
    Weight. Obesity negatively impacts fertility.

How To Treat Low Sperm Count?

Depending on its severity, the doctor can assist with the right treatment plan to deal with the condition. Further, the type of treatment depends upon your underlying condition. Some treatments can include:

Lifestyle Changes

In many cases, it is achievable to enhance the male partner’s sexual health; nevertheless, modifying some lifestyle factors might increase sperm count. These include consuming foods that promote reproductive health. In addition to improving sperm, workouts that enhance blood flow and lower excess weight are also beneficial. Moreover, exercising may help in coping with stress and yoga will keep you calm. In addition, avoid drugs and actions that might impact your sperm count, such as drinking, cigarettes, etc.


Surgery might be essential for massive varicoceles, blockages, or any conditions causing problem with sperm expelling the body. Through IVF and other techniques, being parents is now possible.

Final Say

Couples are able to conceive regardless of a low sperm count. It may take longer than expected, and you may need to see a physician to learn how to restore your  sperm count.

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