Linux Reseller Web Hosting- Earn Huge Revenues

by Alex Hales
Linux Reseller Web Hosting


Anyone who thinks about opening a business must have thought about earning huge revenues from it. After all, a business could be more successful when you earn huge profits from it. Like this, the reseller business is also one of those businesses which manages to earn a good income from it without spending much money on server hardware and all. You just sign up for the reseller plans and get the web space that you require.

So, in order to provide affordable plans Hostbillo web hosting company comes up with its Linux Reseller Web Hosting services. These services provide the freedom to sell white label hosting plans so that you can promote your own hosting company too.

Linux Reseller Hosting

When you talk about Linux Reseller Hosting then it means a Linux-based operating system that provides an open-source platform to all its users. Linux-based hosting is quite very easy to use and work with. You can install any web application in your system that you require without worrying about if that will run smoothly or not. As Linux offers the facility to run every application smoothly and seamlessly. These are the only features that Linux provides and if we talk about features of Linux Reseller Web Hosting from Hostbillo then there are plenty of features that do a good job in succeeding your business. So, in the further section, you will get to know about those features.

Features of Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting Services

Best Linux Reseller Hosting

Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting comes up with some tools that make the working of your business easy. These tools help you in well managing your hosting account and handle all your client’s data very well. So, let’s start the article.

Free Web Host Manager

For a smooth administration over the web space, you get from hostbillo, you get free WHM access to your Linux Reseller Web Hosting account. By having WHM access, you will be able to create a Cpanel account for your customers. So, you can manage and control all the web hosting tasks with utmost ease.

100% White Label Hosting Services

White label hosting lets you put your brand name on the Linux Reseller web Hosting services. However, there are a lot of hosting providers which do not offer white label hosting services. But, Hostbillo as a Linux Reseller Hosting provider, offers complete white label services. These will lead you to build a hosting brand that sells the services under its own company name.

Maximum Disk Space

With Hostbillo’s SSD Linux Reseller Web Hosting services, you can intensify the server speed and performance of your website. You will be able to provide more space to your customers and add more data to the web space. This will lead you to host more domains and subdomains. With maximum disk space and bandwidth, your web page will load smoothly without any downfall in the server network. And, this is a healthy sign for reseller websites.

WHMCS Billing Services

WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. It is a popular, user-friendly, and efficient billing system. A reseller can easily manage the billing tasks of its clients. It is auto-generated for hosting invoices and sending reminders to your clients about their hosting plans. Therefore, you don’t have to manage manually, this tool will manage everything for your Linux Reseller Hosting business.

One-click Installer

Hostbillo provides a Softaculous one-click installer with its Linux Reseller Hosting Plans that allows you to install as many applications as you want. You can run any web application that you require for your reseller business. Also, this allows your customers too to install web applications on the server. Within a second, the applications will get installed.

Hostbillo- Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting Provider

Hostbillo is a well renowned and fastest evolving web hosting company that provides Affordable Web Hosting Plans to all its customers. These plans include high network uptime, maximum storage, unlimited bandwidth, and many more. So, this includes all the necessary features that anyone needs to open a website. If we talk about its Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting plans, then the services start from $8.58 and go high as per your resource requirements. Now, let’s look at Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans.

Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting


So, the features and plans that we talk about in the article, help you build a successful reseller business and earn good money out of it. It is very easy to make money as a reseller as you do not have to spend much money on server resources or anything. You just buy the Linux Reseller Web Hosting plans from Hostbillo and then distribute the server resources to your clients as per your business model. Also, Hostbillo provides Linux Reseller Hosting Plans o you do not have to spend much money on the server resources. Just sign up for your account, modify the package and plan it as your business revenue rate.

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