Is OnPassive Business a Pyramid Scheme?

by Alex Hales

OnPassive is a business solution platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to make its members money in multiple ways. But is OnPassive a pyramid scheme? In this OnPassive review, we’ll explain why OnPassive may not be a scam and why it might be a good investment. Red Redfern, the company’s founder, explains how the OnPassive business model works. In the video below, he details how the business solution platform works and whether OnPassive is a legitimate opportunity or a pyramid scheme.

OnPassive is a business solution platform

ONPASSIVE is an ecosystem of AI-driven applications that can automate a number of business processes. These applications can help improve efficiency and make better decisions based on transparency in data. Businesses that want to remain competitive in today’s market should integrate AI into their operations. Businesses can use ONPASSIVE to streamline the customer experience, automate customer communications, and enhance other business processes. Here are some of the benefits of

It uses Artificial Intelligence

ONPASSIVE Business, a real-time business development platform, offers guidance and tools to grow your business. These tools are aimed at generating profit for the business owners. It is a start-up company with bad reviews on various job sites. But, it has the capability to provide business owners with extraordinary enterprise solutions. Its contributions surpass industry standards and transform your company into a high-growth, digital-based firm.

It pays its members in multiple ways

If you are searching for a legitimate affiliate program that pays you when you recruit other members, OnPassivebusiness could be a good option. It doesn’t cost much to join and you’ll be able to start earning right away! Unlike many MLMs, OnPassive doesn’t spend millions of dollars marketing outside of the company and instead, it relies on its current members to do so. However, there are some downsides to this system.

It is a pyramid scheme

OnPassive business is an MLM network based on a four-level matrix, where affiliates sell memberships to receive a regular commission. To join, affiliates pay a monthly subscription fee and buy a position in the matrix. Those who purchase positions in the matrix earn commissions from their downlines. If you’re thinking that Onpassive is a pyramid scheme, you should probably stop reading now.

It is a real business

Onpassive is a website that allows people to make extra money. It gives people the tools they need to become successful. They can use their earnings to donate to local charities and help other people. They can also teach other people what they’ve learned. And there is more to come. It is a real business that is worth a shot. We look at some of the benefits that Onpassive offers its members.

It is illegal in Bhutan

An online business called OnPassive is a pyramid scheme that has been declared illegal in Bhutan. It has been banned by the Office for Consumer Protection, which is part of Bhutan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs. It violates the Bhutanese laws by not having a formal compensation plan or earnings disclosure documents. In addition, members are recruited without a detailed business plan or approval. This company is in violation of Bhutan’s Consumer Protection Act and Rules and Regulations.

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