How To Get Your Story to Show Up in Google News

by Alex Hales
Private Equity Consulting

Before we discuss the best way to bring your company’s story to Google news, it’s important to discuss the reasons. It’s obvious that you would like to see your business’s story to appear on the news.

Why Google news?

First, if your company has tried to boost its visibility in organic Google internet search or Google shopping.Just a few additional actions can increase the much exposure you’ll get in a place where your rivals aren’t able to easily follow your.

If you’re already writing content, you may be able to reap many benefits from these. You can write one article, and earn money in a variety of ways.

Google News is a reliableand reliable source of traffic and will typically be more frequent when you are waiting for the Google organic results to show up.

In addition, news reading is among the top reasons people connect to the internet on a daily basis. Around 85% of Americans older than 18 browse the internet as per Pew Internet Research. 78% of the people who visit the web have come to read the latest news.

We used to read newspapers. Today, we browse news websites and headlines via Twitter or Facebook and sign up by email to receive industry news.

The primary reason why the majority of people go online is to use search engines such as Google and Yahoo, you might be tempted to just focus on Google natural search, and get finished with the task.

But, think about this: If you could locate places that will get more people to see your content – typically more quickly than your preferred search engine ranking, wouldn’t additional leads and sales be worth the effort?

How Does Your Business Story End Up in Google News Results?

There are three options. The first is to have the press release approved by any of the more than 50,000 publications who share with Google News the six billion daily visits that Google News reserves exclusively for their users. (That does not include Google’s organic traffic.)

For a minimal cost There are many press release distribution companies which can do this for you, ranging from $25-$200 each time. There are also smaller publications that are willing to accept free or at a low cost for press releases.

If you could keep doing this each day this could add up to quite a lot of cash. It’s not an ideal method to try the market and then repeatthe process, for instance, every week.

There’s a faster, simpler method.

My preferre method of getting to be publish on Google news is to have an article publish by a newspaper that is already on Google News. They are often known as Google journalists.

You don’t need to be an expert in marketing to appreciate. The advantages of being feature in a well-known publication with an ad that links back to your website. As oppose to the amount you’d need to pay for advertising to achieve that amount of exposure.

It’s not as easy to be accept into Google News. This way because you might require approval from an editorial team in order to be considere for publication. These publications might ask for exclusive rights to publish your original content or article. In the event that you’re not an experienced professional writer or don’t have someone working for full-time writing original content, this could be a problem.

Acceptance isn’t a guarantee. It is possible to see this as a negative or accept the fact that it makes it more difficult for your competition to imitate your strategy and take your thunder.

You may think “but who wants to read a story about my timeshare company or pet furniture manufacturer.”

You’re right that they don’t. It’s essential to discover what people you wish to see on your website would like to read and to write for them in an areas that are relevant to your service or product.

This is applicable to any sector It’s true that Google News publisher sites focus on everything from business travel to the health of pets. If your area of expertise is so narrow that you’re unable to pinpoint your niche, then there’s a lot of publications publishing on your region. To combat this just need to localize your story.  be aware that these stories can still be found in internet or news searches use your keywords.

If that’s not enough you’re not sure, there’s another option.

It could take a few attempts and can will cost quite a bit of money. There’s another way to get into Google News that, if you succeed, could provide you with benefits in the years to be. Create a news website yourself, and have it accepted by Google News.

Brand journalism is an increasing trend. So why not take advantage of the game and not the media and instead become the media?

If this doesn’t convince. You how is your opinion on a percentage of the more than 6 billion clicks reserved for Google news outlets. Every site won’t receive the same amount of publicity. However. The potential of between 40,000 and 120,000 additional monthly visitors is reason enough to consider an effort. If you meet the other requirements.

It is important to note that the Google News publisher guidelines are rigorous and websites are frequently denied. Which makes this an ideal strategy for the long-term. Therefore run some numbers on your company and decide if the profit is worth the effort.

While you’re at it, try alternative methods. They will allow you to gain access to Google’s news database often faster than. You will achieve results through SEO for your own website.

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