How to Get Real Instagram Followers With Facebook Ads?

by Alex Hales

If you’ve ever wondered how to gain or purchase real Instagram followers or why your existing Facebook ad campaigns aren’t generating followers, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

If you wish to get Instagram followers with ads, you will need the proper campaign settings and sufficient data.

If you lack the proper settings and wish to attract more followers, you may end up spending a little money for only a few lucky followers.

Optimising for followers is a Facebook ad technique for individuals who wish to increase their Instagram following.

And in this essay, we will examine this issue in further depth.

These are the steps to acquiring genuine Instagram followers with Facebook ads:

Create an Instagram page with audience-specific

Begin by navigating to the Audiences tab under Business Tools in your advertising account.

There are currently four options from which to choose:

  • Everyone who saw your company profile
  • Individuals who interacted with any post or ad
  • People that have contacted your business via messaging
  • People who have bookmarked an article or commercial

Later, A/B testing can be conducted with different options for different audiences.

If you don’t have a big following on Instagram, you should choose “Anyone who has visited your business profile,” which is the most inclusive option.

The more data you acquire from advertising on your Instagram company page, the more options you will have for optimization. something to bear in mind while climbing.

Once selected, ensure that you are utilising the “365 Days” option to collect the most data from visitors.

Again, the day option can be modified as optimization progresses.

Then, provide a name for your audience and click “Create Audience.”

Creation of Instagram Lookalike Audiences for Business Profiles

Click “Create Audience” one more and then select “Lookalike Audience.”

In the first field, choose the Instagram business custom audience that you chose under “other sources.”

Following this, you must select the audience location. Your target demographic’s physical location is your audience’s location. Based on your ad goals, you should think about the following:

  • Select the locations from which you wish to gain Instagram followers.
  • Select profitable locations for your business.

Choose countries with lower total ad expenses if you want to maximise followers for the least amount of ad expenditure.

If your target country has a sizable population, you should begin with a 1% match. But if your target country has a small population, it may be okay to have more people who look the same.

You do not want to begin with a limited audience, as this could negatively affect your total performance.

When testing and optimising, you can experiment with various sizes of lookalike audiences. All you must do is build a new audience made up of a different share of the population.

Consider making more custom audiences for your Instagram business profile so that you can build new lookalikes when new data is available.

For instance, if your initial efforts result in many followers, you may wish to reduce the number of days custom audiences are used (like changing it to 30 days).

Creating Ad Campaigns for Facebook

Once you’ve returned to the Ads Manager, select the Create button. 

Consider selecting the “Traffic” option for the campaign objective. From the same menu, you can both name your campaign and create ad sets.

On the next screen, make sure that Campaign Budget Optimization (or Advantage Campaign Budget) is turned on and that your daily ad spending is reflected in your campaign budget.

Modifying Ad Set Settings

Initially, give it a name if you haven’t already.

Ensure that the “Website” option is chosen in the Traffic section. Adjust beginning and end dates accordingly.

One piece of advice for analysing A/B test campaign results is to establish various ad sets with varying start and end dates so that you may compare the results without forgetting to end campaigns.

Select a similar audience in the “Custom Audiences” column.

Modify the position under the section titled “Audience.” Choose the locations where the advertisements will display. Select the same audience as you did for a similar audience.

It is unnecessary to adjust demographic targeting settings such as age, gender, and hobbies.

The lookalike audience and Facebook’s algorithm will attempt to connect the ad with individuals who are most likely to click the link. Getting even more specific about who will see your ad could hurt its effectiveness.

For increased interaction, you can modify the languages if you just post ads and content in a single language on your Instagram page.

Ad Set Placement

Ensure that you have enabled “manual placements” and only selected Instagram placement in the placements section.

In our example, we will just use the Instagram Stories placement, but you are free to select one of the other Instagram places.

If you want to find the best fit, try out a few different spots before committing to one permanently.  You can, for instance, create ad packs for all Instagram positions.

For delivery optimization, use “Link Clicks” instead of the other alternatives.

Now is the moment to build your intriguing advertisements!

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