How to Get an English Teaching Job

by Alex Hales

If you are interested in an English teaching job, there are several things you should consider before you apply. These factors include the location and work environment, as well as requirements and hourly pay. In addition, you should also know your time zone, as some jobs are in different time zones. You should be aware of the time difference to determine if this job is right for you. Visit for teaching english in vietnam –

Work environment

The work environment for English teaching positions is a crucial aspect of the job. The work environment should be conducive to teaching and learning. There are many aspects of the job that affect the work environment, including the communication with colleagues, preparing students for formal assessments, and collaborating with parents and students. Additionally, English teachers should have good writing and research skills, be good communicators, and be able to work with cross-functional teams. In addition, they should be able to offer constructive feedback to students.

The work environment is closely related to the academic curriculum. Administrators should understand the work environment in their schools in order to develop policies that support the academic curriculum. Using an empirical approach, administrators can identify factors that need to be altered in the work environment to promote teaching and learning.

Hourly rate

The hourly rate for an English teaching job varies, depending on the job and company. Some employers offer bonuses based on certain criteria, such as positive reviews or attendance. Bonuses may also be offered based on the teacher’s experience or degree. For example, if you have taught English abroad, you may receive an incentive-based bonus.

The hourly rate for an English teaching job can range anywhere from $20 to $34. The hourly rate is divided between base pay and short-term incentive pay. Many companies offer bonus packages for teaching more than 45 classes a month.


English teaching jobs require patience, excellent communication skills, and an ability to develop relationships with students, parents, and other staff members. English teachers must also be able to write lesson plans and execute lessons in a fun and engaging way. A bachelor’s degree in English is a good starting point. Experience in teaching in the classroom is also required.

Certification is also a good idea, as many states recognize teaching certification from other states. Depending on the state, this recognition can either be provisional or permanent. The latter will allow you to teach in a new state while completing the process of obtaining a new teaching certification. If you are an English teacher, you should create a well-structured resume that highlights your education, certification, and any other relevant skills. Use keywords from job descriptions in your resume to ensure that your resume stands out among the competition.


Locations of English teaching jobs can vary considerably depending on the country you are hoping to teach in. China, for example, is one of the largest economies in the world and has become increasingly dependent on English. In addition, China’s economy is so diversified that it’s easy to get a good job teaching English there. Many of these jobs come with incentives, such as free housing and airfare.

In Poland, English teachers earn a good hourly wage and have a flexible schedule, allowing them to work between 20 and 30 hours a week. They also get to explore a country with a rich history and culture. To qualify for ESL jobs in Poland, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree, although some schools may prefer applicants with this background. In addition to Poland, Hungary is another popular location for English teachers. Hungarian schools often hire TEFL-certified teachers through the Central European Teaching Program.

TEFL certification

If you want a job teaching English abroad, a TEFL certification will help you stand out from the crowd. These certifications are internationally recognized and can lead to lucrative opportunities. In addition to providing a foreign language proficiency, TEFL certifications also improve your CV, which means more employers will notice you.

Some companies offer a TEFL certification course that includes online teaching practice and in-person teaching. This combination provides students with valuable overseas teaching experience without the need for spending several weeks abroad. Students completing a hybrid course complete phase one online, then begin phase two on site at a training facility. Students can choose from a five-day, eight-day, or 10-day on-site course.

Some TEFL providers offer job placement services and recruitment assistance to help new TEFL teachers find a job. These services are ideal for TEFL teachers who have just finished training. However, you should still do your own research before choosing a TEFL course or program.

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