How MIPI Tester is Used to Test Smartphones

by Alex Hales
MIPI tester

Every year, in order to help you better assess your options and select a phone that meets your needs. Tech experts test a numerous range of smartphones from manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and more with the help of an MIPI tester.

How select the tests 

Although the lab is constantly evaluating smartphones, it can take a few weeks to finish each batch. This is because experts only test goods that customers have purchased from stores. 

How mobile devices are rated

Rating of any mobile device is based on the below factors:

  • performance 
  • battery 
  •  camera 
  • Video quality 
  • music
  • selfie-stick 
  • the sound quality of calls  
  • GPS 
  • smartphone 
  • Usability  
  • resilience  
  • security and privacy  

How MIPI testers test mobile devices 

The following features of each phone are evaluated by MIPI testers to help identify the top performers. 

Performance of the web browser

How simple is it to launch the browser, navigate to websites, enter addresses, and use bookmarks and favorites? The tester put content downloads to the test in practice and gave bonus points for Wi-Fi availability. 

Sound quality

For both incoming and outgoing calls, the tester evaluates a number of acoustic factors, including frequency response. A user panel also scores the subjective sound quality of calls. 

The performance of the phone’s camera is evaluated, including how well it can capture images in various lighting conditions. Prints of photographs are evaluated for resolution, color accuracy, and noise. The tester also considers how simple it is to operate the phone in picture-taking mode. 

Music quality

The MIPI tester considers how well the phone plays music. It tests the phones using the included headphones as well as a set of reference headphones. It also assesses how simple it is to navigate through playlists, transfer music, adjust the volume, and access the phone’s memory. 

Video caliber

Two one-minute video recordings of a setting with colorfully dressed individuals, other well-detailed items, and lifelike artificial plants at various distances, both at rest and in motion, were made. A third of the video is captured while panning, and a second third is captured while zooming, all while the smartphone is attached to a tripod. 

Touchscreen performance

This refers to the responsiveness and precision of the touchscreen. 

Battery life

This is the amount of time your phone’s battery will last after 15 minutes of charging with the included charger. If a smartphone has a rapid charger, we’ll test it and display the battery life that results. 

Overall battery performance

In addition to battery life, overall battery performance is influenced by a variety of elements, such as the amount of time needed to fully charge the battery, how long it will last after a 15-minute charge, and if quick charging and wireless charging are supported.

A phone’s overall battery score may be greater if it performs well in other charging-related categories. This would entail having wireless charging capabilities or being able to charge a device to 70% or more of its capacity in about 15 minutes. 


The tester assesses precision and speed. When working with contacts stored on another computer or online, it examines how simple it is to use the phone to keep contacts and messages current. 

Writing and receiving text messages, as well as examining the display’s compatibility for messaging with other applications and apps like Messenger, SMS, email, and Facebook, are used to evaluate texting. 

Display quality

The dimensions of the screen and the image’s sharpness and color clarity. 

Durability tests include storing the phones in hot, humid environments to see how they hold up and testing them in simulated rain. 

Privacy and security

MIPI testers rate the phone for offering easy-to-read terms and conditions pages when setting up the phone for the first time, as well as how simple it is to reset the phone and wipe personal information. Additionally, it looks to determine if the automatic update procedure is open and allows users to opt in rather than out.

This is how the MIPI tester works!

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