Five Interesting Facts About Lilies that Will Surprise You

by Alex Hales

One of the most admired and beloved flowers in the world is the lily. The large petals, stunning appearance, and alluring smell capture the hearts of people all around the world. In different cultural contexts around the world, it has varied meanings. Due to its association with enduring love, the lily is the most well-known wedding flower in China. The Liliaceae family includes lilies. Lilies come in maybe over a thousand different kinds, most of which are found in the Northern Hemisphere in Asia, Europe, and North America because their growth is best suited to temperate or tropical temperatures. Lilies stand for the purity of heart, good fortune, renewal, rebirth, royalty, elegance, renewal, and renewal. If you’re planning a flower delivery in Pune or want to send flowers to Kolkata, lilies can be the best option for your special ones. 

The most well-liked flowers on the planet, lilies, can be found in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. So if you’re planning to send gifts to India from USA, then lilies are the best fit for your list of gift ideas. Although they are cultivated mostly for ornamental purposes worldwide, there are some surprising uses for the bloom, among many other fascinating lily facts. Even though white lilies are among the most popular wedding flowers in the world, and you might believe you know everything there is to know about them, there are a few fascinating lily-related facts you may not be aware of. The good news is that we are here to guide you through some of our favorite lily facts.

5 Lily Facts That Will Deepen Your Love for Them

  • Lilies Benefit the Environment

Lilies, despite being mostly recognized for their exquisite look, are significant members of the aquatic ecology. These plants can be found in freshwater bodies of shallow and still water, such as lakes, ponds, and the margins of slow-moving streams. The flowers and pads provide shade because they rest on the water’s surface, keeping the water cool and preventing heat-loving algae from overgrowing. Lilies also protect fish from the heat of the sun and predatory birds.

  • Numerous Lily Colors Exist

Most likely, when you see a lily, you picture the iconic white flower protruding from a lush green lily pad. Lilies, however, come in various hues, including pink, red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue. While hardier cultivars favor a pastel color scheme, tropical varieties take on jewel tones (purple, orange, vivid blue, and yellow). On hardy types, the blooms can occasionally change color with time. Even the foliage hues vary, ranging from rich burgundy to deep green. Lilies have many tricks and are more than just lovely faces.

  • The Lily Is July’s Birth Flower

Birthdays in July, take note: Your flower is a lily. Given that they are primarily a summer flower, it makes sense that their vivid blossoms are associate with July. Since lilies bloom from May through September, July falls just the center of the best time to see them. Lilies are perennial bloomers where there are no frosts. However, you have to be lucky to see a bloom because each flower only blooms for approximately four days before it sinks to the bottom and begins to rot. Even though beauty is fleeting, it still has a special significance. So plan a flower delivery in Pune or send flowers to Kolkata as lilies can bring smiles to the faces of your friends and relatives born in July.

  • Lily is a Crucial Religious Symbol 

Many meanings are associate with lilies worldwide, but Buddhism and Hinduism emphasize them. The lily represents resurrection in many religions since it blooms in the morning after closing up at night, symbolizing a spiritual rebirth. Buddhists also think that because a lovely bloom appears from the gloomy dirt, the lily symbolizes enlightenment. So to make your relatives happy, you can send gifts to India from the USA and include lilies in the gift box as this flower has a spiritual connection.

  • There Are Many Types Of Lily

There are more than 50 species of these stunning plants, and each variant is different in shape, size, color, fragrance, and flowering pattern. Throughout the world, lilies can be find in ponds, lakes, and streams. The enormous lily is an appropriate name for the largest type. The Amazon lily and the royal lily are other names for this enormous flower. This enormous, gorgeous flower has a three to six-foot diameter and can hold 66 pounds. Therefore, it would be simple for a young child to sit on a large pad.

Bottom Lines

The rounded leaves and starry blossoms of lilies, which float serenely on the water’s surface, immediately enhance the calm beauty of a pond or lake. In most parts of the country, these unusual aquatic plants can bloom at any time from late spring to fall in a variety of hues. Their leaves might be smooth or jagged, cup-shaped, or star-shaped. Lilies are root in the muck below, where they overwinter and develop the following year again, even though they may be most noticeable on the surface of freshwater. 

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We hope the above-mentioned fascinating details about these wonderful blooms surprised you. Of course, you don’t have to be a lily fact expert to appreciate the fragrance and beauty of lilies. We can’t help but admit that we enjoy learning interesting facts about any flower. Don’t hesitate to order a bouquet of lily flowers for an exquisite complement to any space if these fascinating lily facts have you feeling as motivated as they have us. Order farm-fresh blooms like your favorite stargazer lilies, white rose lilies, and many more when purchasing flowers online.

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