Benefits of a 360-Degree Approach to Website Design

by Alex Hales
website design

A healthcare website design company can help you create an online presence that tells customers why they should choose you over your competitors. The wrong development company can be detrimental to your marketing efforts. The right marketing company can help you integrate your website with social media and other channels to reach your goals. But, a 360-degree approach is also a great way to create a website that offers customers benefits from all angles. Here are some of the benefits of a 360-degree approach.


Your website should be easy to navigate, have robust search capabilities, and have strategic designs for long-form content. Content that is easy to read and easy to digest is an essential component of a patient-centric website. Having these features and more will make your website more engaging and ultimately result in improved conversions and customer retention. Content that is eye-catching and easily readable will engage your audience for long periods of time, and will help your SEO metrics.

Site structure

If you’re looking for a website design company to create a healthcare website, you should consider the taxonomy of the site. A taxonomy is a system that organizes the entire website so that it makes sense to the user. Your site’s navigation structure should be easy to understand, with a simple and straightforward menu hierarchy. It’s also essential to include a search feature or interactive search field to attract visitors.

Patient testimonials

If you’re in the healthcare industry, you know the importance of patient testimonials. These personal stories from satisfied patients can increase your user engagement and even spark Q&A sessions. Besides, they’ll help build a stronger healthcare community by inspiring other patients to share their rehabilitation experiences and stories. Not to mention, patient testimonials can help meet your healthcare marketing goals. So, what are the benefits of patient testimonials for your healthcare website?

HIPAA compliance

A HIPAA compliance healthcare website design company can make sure your website meets all HIPAA regulations. HIPAA governs the exchange of PHI between healthcare providers and their patients and also governs the security of EHR systems. HIPAA compliance for websites is especially important because modern websites use interactive communication tools and these communications can often contain PHI. A healthcare website design company can ensure your website is HIPAA-compliant by using a valid SSL certificate to secure the connection between your website and the server. This certificate also encrypts the data exchanged between your website and a patient’s device.


There are several reasons to consider the security of healthcare website design. Firstly, patients rely on the doctor to provide the right treatment and cure for their illness. However, patients often share sensitive information with healthcare providers online. The web design of a healthcare website must protect such information, which includes medical history, medications and medical conditions. The patient can then misuse the information to gain access to other websites, which is not safe. In addition, a secure website design will prevent unauthorized users from accessing confidential information and personal data.


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