Arrival of the Water Pressure Pump (History and Evolution)

Water Pressure Pump

by Alex Hales
Water Pressure Pump

Automatic water pressure booster pumps have become a common sight today. Every Indian household or corporate space uses this technology to draw underground water to high rise buildings.

The whole idea behind a automatic water pressure pump is, pulling up water from a underground storage and moving it further for personal usage from taps, shower heads, pipes and hoes etc. We generally use this technology to take a bath, do laundry, wash our dishes, clean our cars, for drinking water and a lot more.

The interesting part is that automatic water pressure booster pumps for home is a relatively new technology and was not available until a few decades ago! Yes, it’s true. Before automatic water pumps existed, there were several other methods to pump out water from the ground and other water sources. Today, we’ll take you on a small journey to show how water pumps came into existence and how they evolved during years of innovation.


The history of water pumps dates back to 3000 BC. Their invention was a way different from the modern day pump.

Mesopotamians used a wooden lever which was placed strategically beside the water bank. They placed a bucket on one end of the lever and the opposite end was attached to a counterweight. Once the lever was pushed down, the bucket filled the water and the counterweight bounced back and brought the bucket up.

Water wheel pump 

The next big invention came around 500 BC. It is believed that in this era, three different pumps were invented. The most popular one was the water wheel pump with pots attached, the other two were water wheels with compartments of water and a chained bucket which was operated with the help of a pulley. 

First Water Pressure Booster Pump 

This water pump was first of its kind, it used the power of a cylinder to create pressure and pull water. This one of its kind water pressure booster pump was invented in Egypt. The credit goes to a person called Ctesibus of Alexandria.

Centrifugal Pumps 

This method is one of the most popular pumps used in the modern day. These were invented in the 17th century by a french inventor called Denis Papin. He popularised the idea of straight vanes to clear drainage. The centrifugal pump is basically a motor driven pump which pulls water by applying a suction force. 

Savery Pumps 

Famous inventor of his time, Thomas Avery invented a pump which used steam to operate. The steam generated a vacuum which in turn would pull up the water.

These were some very important inventions in the world of dispatching water from one place to another. After these crucial inventions many people gave their own idea of how to pull ground water and dispatching it.

Many types of water pressure pumps were invented in the quest
  • Jet Pumps
  • Axial Flow Pump
  • Electromagnetic Pumps
  • Deep well turbine pumps
  • Metering Pumps
  • Magnetic drive Pumps

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