6 Ways to Make Your Cooking Less Stressful

by Alex Hales


For many people, cooking meals three times a day might be time-consuming and frustrating.

However, there are quick weeknight meals that are easy to throw together, but when you want to make something special or have to cook for a crowd, things can get hectic pretty quickly.

That’s why it’s always helpful to know some shortcuts and tips.

So, this blog post will list six ways to make your cooking less stressful and more time-efficient!

You can save time and minimize stress by using these suggestions.

These methods will help you quickly prepare meals using efficient cooking tools and other techniques.

Thus, you can hang out more with your loved ones and relatives!



A well-organized pantry can make cooking less stressful.

You have a quick and easy reach for all the necessary condiments and cooking tools.

As a result, it saves you time in the long run by preventing you from having to search for things in the middle of cooking.

Moreover, it is a fantastic approach to improving kitchen aesthetics.

When everything is in its proper place and well-displayed, it reflects your professionalism and dedication to your work.

Hence, it would help if you considered arranging your kitchen cabinetry to get multiple benefits.

Following are a few pointers for keeping your pantry arranged:

  • Group related items together. For example, place all of your condiments in one cabinet.
  • Group items by use
  • Keep rare usable items on higher shelves
  • Label each container with the item name
  • Keep cookware such as pots and pans together
  • Place baking tools and ingredients in one cabinet


Getting halfway through a recipe can be frustrating, only to realize you’re missing an ingredient.

To avoid this, take a couple of minutes to arrange all of the items you’ll need before cooking.

Preparing your ingredients in advance is a terrific method to speed up the cooking process!

You should thoroughly read the entire recipe before cooking.

It will assist you in reviewing all ingredients.

As a result, you can have each ingredient available instantly while cooking.

Furthermore, you can also see how much time each step will take.

Hence, you can know what dishes to cook first.

Moreover, you should assemble your cooking tools and equipment, like pots and pans or measuring cups.

As a result, you will not forget anything when using them for their original purpose.

You can also opt for ready-made sauces and condiments.

They are easier to shop owing to digital purchasing!

However, if you want fresh ingredients, see what’s available in your nearby supermarket.


It is another effective way to make your cooking less stressful and more time-efficient.

Before preparing any dish, it is wise to clean the kitchen counters.

It means getting rid of any clutter on your countertops and putting away any dishes that may be in your sink.

Moreover, you must be sure that all your ingredients are within reach.

As a result, a few minutes to clean up before cooking can save you precious time and stress later.

Additionally, keeping things arranged will be simpler if your counter is clean.

It will also let you improve your kitchen appearance.

The benefits of tidying up your kitchen include saving time and creating less mess.

It also reduces frustration because everything is within your reach.

Furthermore, having lots of space to perform kitchen tasks will make you feel more comfortable while cooking.


Another way to save time and reduce stress in the kitchen is to invest in time-saving cooking tools.

It could include a slow cooker, an Instant Pot, an electric pressure cooker, or a multi-cooker.

These devices can help you cook food faster and with less effort.

The Instant Pot, for example, can help you prepare large batches of food quickly.

Gadgets like a microwave oven can greatly simplify duties like boiling noodles.

Another tremendous time-saving tool is an electric pressure cooker.

They can cook food up to 70% faster than traditional methods.

Hence, these gadgets are perfect for those nights when you’re short on time.

With just a few minutes of prep time, you can have a meal ready to eat when you get home from work.

Consequently, you’ll have more time to complete other operations like grilling, frying, etc.

Additionally, these gadgets can assist you in creating a healthy meal with little effort.

Therefore, it’s worth investing in some high-quality kitchenware that will preserve your time and enhance your dining experience.


Meal planning is a great way to make your cooking less stressful and time-efficient.

Hence, you should set aside one night per week to plan your weekly menu.

Thus, you will be spared from the stress of what to cook daily.

Additionally, making a list of your weekly meals will help you keep track of the cooking tools you lack.

Consequently, you can go grocery shopping in advance.

Additionally, planning your meals for the week will free up time for other activities.

Hence, you can do essential cooking work such as chopping vegetables and marinating chicken in advance.


One of the best ways to avoid stress in the kitchen is to start cooking before you’re hungry.

If you wait until you are hungry, you’re more likely to make poor choices about what and how you cook.

Hence, take a few minutes earlier in the day to prep for your next meal.

Consequently, it will preserve your time and help you avoid that hungry feeling!

Moreover, it will be much easier to determine if you have all the ingredients you need when you’re not famished.

Lastly, you’ll also be less likely to choose unhealthy options like grabbing a pizza or eating out.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, cooking can be tiresome, but one can make it enjoyable.

The above-listed six ways to make cooking less stressful and more time-efficient will help you make your cooking time short and pleasant.

Additionally, remember that a little bit of preparation goes a long way regarding stress reduction.

Hence, try these tips next time you’re about to make something for dinner!

They’ll help you cook with less stress and save time. So, you may have much time enjoying your social life.

Lastly, awareness of ingredients and cooking tools is crucial for reducing stress and preserving time.

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