6 Classroom Games you Need to Play with Your Students 

by Alex Hales
Classroom Games

With the advancing world, games have evolved massively. Before most games were played physically or existed in board forms, but technology has taken them up a notch and introduced online games. If you enjoy playing online, you need to have a high-speed and lag-free internet connection. Therefore, get in touch with Spectrum internet deals or that of your ISP to upgrade or choose the most suitable plan.

Games are part of every child’s life. While it is a common misconception that games are a time sink, this is hardly true. Games help children develop their creative, imaginative, and cognitive skills. Moreover, they provide a gateway to better learning and interaction. Hence, they are essential for healthy brain development.

Here are a few games that can be played in school by children in 2022.

I Spy

This classic game is still played in schools and even at home. I Spy is an adaptable game that requires the children to find colors, functions, classifications, or an item that you’re thinking about. For this game, you need to say the words ‘I Spy’ followed by an indirect description of something that’s in or outside the classroom. Consequently, the children get engaged by guessing what item you could be talking about by using their cognitive skills.

Donkey’s Froyo Stand

Online games like ‘Donkey’s Froyo Stand’ by the PBS Kids series are a good way to teach children about time management, persistence, and following plans. This game requires children to prepare frozen yogurt orders for the Donkey’s pals through a set of instructions. Additionally, you can encourage the children to play pretend by creating their own froyo stands, using their imagination.

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math is a very interesting online role-playing game for children that makes math interesting for them by turning it into an adventure. In this game, students answer curriculum-aligned math questions in order to earn rewards and complete quests in the Prodigy world. This game can be used to create tailored questions as per your student’s learning needs and proves as an engaging way to make them practice math.


This classic game helps familiarize children with words by attaching meanings to words that are new to them. Furthermore, they’ll even get to develop their art skill through this exercise. For this game, you need to divide the students into two groups or teams. Next provide each student with a whiteboard and marker, or a pad of paper. You need to make one student stand in front of the classroom and draw the word you whisper to them. While the student draws, their team guesses the word. The team gets a point if they guess the word correctly.

Freeze Dance

Games for brain breaks are as important as any cognitive learning game. Sometimes you need to teach your students to relax and dance to unwind. You can put on some fun music and play the dance freeze game with your students. They’ll have to stand up and dance whichever way they want. It only gets more interesting with sillier dances. When you pause the music, they have to freeze and if any of them move or unfreeze before the music starts again, they’re out. Freeze dance helps students to understand the concept of pausing and planning their next move.

Minute to Win It

Inspired by the actual game show, this game requires the students to complete a given task in sixty seconds. Apart from being fun and challenging, ‘Minute to Win It’ promotes healthy competition in your classroom. The challenges can include tasks like rolling a coming between the tongs of a fork, getting an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands, speed-stacking paper cups, or even building a tower of spaghetti and string.


School games enhance student and teacher experiences by engaging them in healthy exercises and competitions. They are necessary to stimulate fun ways of learning among the students and make them understand concepts better. Furthermore, games allow children to stay mentally and physically active throughout the school day and ensure they have fun while learning at the same time.

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